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Do you really need to protect Microsoft Teams data?

Microsoft Teams, although a relatively new addition to the Microsoft 365 Suite, has seen phenomenal growth since its inception in 2017 with more than 300,000 organizations using the app. It has been the fastest growing app in the history of Microsoft.

Microsoft Teams is an app (or let’s say a suite of apps) that is changing the way people collaborate in the workplace. It brings a unified experience of all the best-known Microsoft 365 apps within a single framework. However, Microsoft fails to offer a centralized data protection solution for Microsoft Teams and its Microsoft 365 suite.

Druva offers a comprehensive solution to protect and manage Microsoft 365 and enables the enterprise to avoid Microsoft 365 data risk issues associated with an accidental deletion, a malicious act by a rogue user, or a ransomware attack.

About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a complete hub that enables enterprise users to collaborate across the globe. The Microsoft Teams web app is built on top of the Microsoft 365 group framework and the Graph API. Its key features allow users to:

  • Consult, share thoughts or expertise within a group or individually by using chat-based conversations
  • Share or create documents or add cloud storage through the browser
  • Schedule events such as meetings and review sessions by using a calendar event
  • Virtually meet with any member of your group instantly through calls
  • Bring in your favorite apps/tools (integrate with internal, external apps) within Teams

When a user creates a team, this is what is created in the background:

One may notice that a team can be created from an existing group. As a result, that group’s membership, site, mailbox, and notebook are shown in Microsoft Teams.

In a nutshell, you may want to think of Microsoft Teams as a suite of apps with the usage of SharePoint, Exchange Online, Skype for Business, and OneNote. In addition, it allows you to integrate your favorite Microsoft 365 apps and any other external applications from the app store.

This makes it a very strong hub for any enterprise user to collaborate with their team members and simply put — the way to go!

Should IT administrators be concerned about protecting Microsoft Teams?

With Microsoft 365 hitting 200 million monthly users (based on MS report for FY20 Q1) and with Skype for Business Online to be retired in 2021, Microsoft Teams will be a go-to “collaborative force.” In March 2020, Microsoft Teams registered 44 million daily users.

With the app itself utilizing so many components such as Groups, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Skype for Business, it will result in exponential growth of shared data such as files, chats, video calls, and calendar meetings within the ecosystem. This means that your organization’s precious data and knowledge that resides within these files, chats, calls, and the meeting/planner events need to be protected against any accidental, malicious deletion or a ransomware attack.

As Microsoft doesn’t provide a “Recycle Bin,” particularly for Microsoft Teams — and with a tedious process to recover data for files, conversations, etc. — it would be a nightmare for IT administrators to recover any old data natively into Teams. Microsoft does provide a “Deleted” folder, however, it doesn’t provide comprehensive, centralized data protection for Microsoft Teams. It is imperative that with the usage of Microsoft Teams within an enterprise and in the absence of proper recovery methodology from Microsoft, IT administrators have a data protection strategy.

Keys for protecting your Microsoft 365 data

Druva helps some of the world’s largest organizations protect their investment in Microsoft 365 from data loss and compliance violations. Druva’s industry-leading solutions give users a single pane of glass to monitor and protect data no matter where it resides.

Druva provides comprehensive cloud-to-cloud protection for enterprises that ensures reliable and secure protection of your data as well as metadata in Microsoft 365 Exchange Online (mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes), OneDrive, and SharePoint Online. IT administrators can manage all data from a central portal with a variety of customizable options for each Microsoft 365 app. In addition, Druva’s solution provides fast recovery with unlimited data storage and flexible retention policies for each app to ensure that your Microsoft 365 data is protected as per any regulation and always available for business continuity.

Druva now protects entire data and settings within Microsoft Teams. It provides the following features:

  • Protects all Teams data with all of its channels (standard or private)
  • Protects files, Wiki, OneNote, and tabs within a channel
  • Protects conversations or posts within a channel
  • Recovers an entire channel or any file, folder within a channel
  • Recovers any past settings (permissions) of a Teams
  • Preview the messages in a post

Learn more about how Druva delivers cloud-native data protection for your Microsoft 365 data. In addition, get free 6-months of Microsoft 365 and endpoint data protection.