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Druva Cloud Platform Brings Advanced Disaster Recovery and Governance Capabilities to AWS Workloads

Addresses Market Gap with Industry-First Enhancements to Improve Data Management, Protection and Compliance

SUNNYVALE, California ‒ November 19, 2018 ‒ Druva, Inc., the leader in cloud data protection and management, today announced significant updates to Druva CloudRanger, Druva’s data protection solution for AWS workloads, including the industry’s first advanced automated disaster recovery, legal-hold, and file level search. Part of Druva Cloud Platform, these enhancements enable businesses utilizing AWS cloud environments to protect against unplanned events, better manage the lifecycle of their data and respond rapidly to compliance and legal data inquiries.

As enterprises continue to migrate application workloads to the cloud, ensuring disaster recovery and managing underlying data governance has become a critical need. Traditional on-premises systems have become too costly and complex, and fall short in addressing cloud architectures. Emerging cloud-based systems, however, are not immune to system corruption, user errors, outages or malicious attacks and can be difficult to manage for compliance or legal needs given the distributed nature. With Druva CloudRanger, enterprises are now able to ensure business continuity, minimize production environment impact and meet increasing compliance regulations across their AWS workloads through a single solution.

“The needs of today’s businesses, increasingly taking place in the cloud, have surpassed the capabilities of yesterday’s on-premises systems,” said David Gildea, vice president of product and general manager, Druva CloudRanger. “With growing data footprints, Druva CloudRanger automated disaster recovery, governance, and deep level searches bring AWS users powerful control and manageability in a scalable, reliable SaaS solution. These enhancements will ensure enterprises achieve both business continuity and reduce the risks of their data in the cloud.”

With these new features, Druva continues to deliver on its promise of providing leading technology to manage data in the cloud and a unique cloud-native solution that provides customers greater visibility and manageability over their data, eliminating the need to invest in additional hardware or software.

  • Automated Disaster Recovery: The traditional model of disaster recovery includes a high level of systems complexity, administration, testing, and cost to ensure continuity for business-critical applications. Druva’s enhanced disaster recovery enables organizations to replicate and clone a whole AWS account and associated environments across regions, create recovery plans in a cost-effective and efficient manner, and execute testing in just a few steps. This ensures minimal production environment impact and the ability to meet operational demands.
  • File Search: Identifying a set of files across 100s of TBs of data is a daunting challenge that has become increasingly more important for retention, recovery and compliance reasons. However, current methods that may have worked well on-premises have access and visibility limitations within the cloud. Druva CloudRanger file search brings the unique ability to search across all your AWS accounts and snapshots, and understand where files exist within those backups as well as the specific regions. This is especially useful in the case of compliance and enforcing retention and data policies.
  • Data Governance: Combining Druva CloudRanger file search and legal hold capabilities, organizations are now able to automate and simplify the identification, collection and preservation of targeted data across their cloud workloads — maintaining integrity and chain of custody throughout the legal process and minimizing the need for massive, costly data transfers. Organizations with specific compliance requirements, such as GDPR, can now search for particular files across thousands of snapshots simultaneously, saving vasts amounts of time and then take appropriate actions.

“We strategically select vendors based on their ability to exceed market expectations and customer satisfaction, which is why we’re delighted to partner with Druva CloudRanger,” said Lewis Franklin, cloud engineer, Zebra. “With automated disaster recovery we can now ensure continuity and resolve production issues by cloning an entire VPC and recreating it as a development environment where developers can address issues without impacting production workloads. This in an invaluable ability and ensures we can run our business with minimal disturbances.”


Druva CloudRanger automated disaster recovery is now available worldwide to all CloudRanger customers. Druva CloudRanger legal hold and file level search are currently available to early access customers and will be generally available in Q1 2019.

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