Backing up your users' endpoints to the cloud offers many benefits—including reduced infrastructure and management costs—but not all solutions provide adequate protection, security, and performance for enterprise needs. Druva inSync delivers the industry's fastest transfer speeds, global scalability, and true privacy for your data, providing secure, high-performance data protection in the cloud.

Top 3 Cloud Backup Challenges:

  1. Lack of data privacy
  2. Inability to scale geographically
  3. Perceived as slow, unreliable

Never Worry About Cloud Data Security

Achieve complete data privacy—
no exceptions

Unlike other cloud backup solutions, inSync uses a highly secure two-factor encryption system, ensuring that your data can only be decrypted by you. This unique approach to data privacy means Druva has no access to the encryption key—and consequently, no access to customer data—even under subpoena.

Store your data in the most secure cloud available

inSync leverages the proven reliability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver the most secure cloud infrastructure, policies, and procedures. AWS has achieved compliance with numerous industry certifications, including SOC 1 (previously SSAE 16, SAS 70), and Druva's certified cloud operations include ISAE 3000 Type 2 certification and HIPAA compliance.

Amazon Web Services Certifications
Amazon Web Services Certifications
Druva Certified Cloud Operations
Druva Certified Cloud Operations
Learn more about inSync’s enterprise-grade security backed by AWS >

Performance Backup, Easy on the Network

Global Dedupe - Backup speeds you didn't think possible

inSync's unique global deduplication technology prevents the unnecessary transfer and storage of duplicate data, reducing bandwidth and storage needs by as much as 80%. The result? Fast, lightweight backup and restore.

Calculate Your Savings from inSync Global Dedupe

Fast, lightweight backups—
anytime, anywhere, any network

Bandwidth throttling, WAN optimization and quality of service algorithms provide efficient data transfer, while significantly reducing network impact—accelerating backup and restore processes by adapting to network conditions.

Turbocharge your cloud data transfers

Achieve LAN-like speeds on backups, restores, and data syncs with CloudCache, large data-set caching to and from the cloud. Flexible scheduling, bandwidth throttling, and cache sizing dramatically simplify the rollout of endpoint backup or device refresh process for tens of thousands of users by utilizing WAN bandwidth during off-peak hours.

Learn more about inSync’s global deduplication technology >

Attain Global, On-Demand Scale

Be always-ready for global growth

With data centers in four geographic locations worldwide, Druva inSync helps maintain compliance with data residency laws, and offers unlimited on-demand capacity to scale to any global organization's need.

Multi-Zone Redundancy

Enterprise-class data durability with multi-zone redundancy provides the highest level of data reliability, while 99.95% availability and fail-over ensure business continuity.

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