Protect 50 Azure VMs with up to 35 Free Credits!

The following terms apply to the one-time promotional offer included in this Order Form.

  1. Activation of Microsoft Azure VM backup is required.
  2. Free Phoenix credits may only be used for backup of Microsoft Azure VM workloads. Druva reserves the right to charge the customer at the then-current standard rate if the Customer uses the free credits on any workloads other than the Microsoft Azure VM workload.
  3. Free Phoenix credits are not eligible for rollover and renewal.
  4. The customer is financially responsible for any overconsumption at the end of the subscription term at the then-current standard rate.

Protect Your Azure VMs with Druva —
6 Months Free!

Set up Druva’s Azure VM protection and receive 35 credits to your customer account — enough to protect 50 typical Azure VM workloads FREE for 6 months! Costs will depend on your workload and volume of backups. Additional charges may apply for overconsumption or continued use beyond 35 credits.

Experience how Druva air-gaps Microsoft Azure from ransomware, simplifies management, slashes costs by up to 40%, and provides the best backup and restore application in the industry!

data protection

Immutable Storage & Best-in-Class Security

Ensure your Azure VM backup data is stored in a secure, air-gapped environment, outside of your Azure tenant to reduce risk from emerging threats and insider attacks.


Cut Costs & Save Up to 40%

Radically reduce storage costs by eliminating the need for Microsoft Azure Backup storage redundancy, no egress costs, and global deduplication.

restore data

Restore Data with Just a Few Clicks

Simply recover your Azure VMs and their associated disk storage to your Azure subscription and region of choice.

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