Cloud Backup for Virtualized Data Centers

Remove infrastructure overhead with centralized, direct-to-cloud data protection

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Today’s virtual server infrastructure has grown in complexity with environments spread across data centers, often on a global basis, resulting in a mix of people, processes and technologies to protect them. Druva Phoenix removes the complexity of managing this environment with a simple, integrated, cloud-based approach to virtual machine data protection and archiving.

Built to Protect Today’s Virtual Environment

Zero Production Impact with High Performance Backup

Phoenix’s proxy based backup, coupled with our patented global deduplication technology, means zero-impact to your production environment and hyper-fast transmission to the cloud when creating a snapshot for tighter RPOs. With Phoenix, not only do VMs run uninterrupted, but you get infinite scale as you continue to grow your infrastructure.

Restore What You Need, Not Everything

When restoring a virtual machine Phoenix enables the organization to dig down, browse the image and restore only what’s necessary, without having to restore everything – saving valuable time and enabling faster system recovery.

Central Management of Distributed Infrastructure

Wherever your VMware infrastructure happens to exist – whether a single ESXi server or a globally distributed vSphere cluster – data is protected and recoverable from a single dashboard, providing cross-geography or data center restores as well.

Speed and Flexibility for Stringent RTOs and RPOs

Keep server data at-the-ready

Recover from warm storage in the cloud or utilize Phoenix CloudCache, which delivers LAN speed recovery via its local data caching to hit aggressive RPO/RTOs. CloudCache provides flexible scheduling and stores up to 30 days of hot snapshots on-premise, while efficiently utilizing WAN bandwidth to the cloud.

Gain more flexibility over recovery points

Don’t let your RPOs be compromised by technology limitations. With Druva’s global deduplication, ever-incremental backups and on-site caching, organizations can backup faster and more often, minimizing data loss in the case of an incident.

Server Backup that Keeps You On Schedule

Designed with virtual environments in mind

Phoenix was designed to remove the complexity out of today’s multi-tier, multi-vendor environment by providing a centralized view that can span multiple virtual environments, making VMs easy to discover and configure for backup around the globe.

Reduce your network traffic by 80%

Phoenix combines parallelized data transfers, high bandwidth availability, change block tracking (CBT) and Druva’s patented global deduplication to maximize data throughput, up to 20x faster than other solutions. This approach eliminates duplicate data transfers and storage, reducing bandwidth and storage needs by as much as 80% and delivering up to 1Gbps effective transfer rates.

CloudCache – Stay ahead of your most aggressive backup windows

When working with limited or unpredictable bandwidth, direct to cloud might not always be the most viable solution. Phoenix CloudCache, an optional on-site appliance, provides an alternative solution to achieve LAN speed backups that sync to the cloud on WAN friendly schedules.

Modernize Your Backup, Minimize Your Expenses

Abandon expensive tapes and trucks

The traditional multi-tiered backup model quickly accumulates data over time, resulting in a shockingly exponential increase in the amount being stored and generating high recurring costs. By backing up directly to the cloud, Phoenix removes the expense of these legacy systems and the storage of mountains of data.

Don’t pay for storing the same data over and over

With traditional backup and archiving, you’re paying for accumulated data in storage. WIth Phoenix’s global deduplication and ever-incremental backups, space and network bandwidth usage is optimized, allowing for both an aggressive pricing model and infinite retention in the cloud.

Keep your team focused on more important projects

If your company is like most others, managing backup at multiple sites with limited staff can have unpredictable and costly consequences. Phoenix unburdens your organization by delivering a centrally administered solution that removes the need for high-touch on-site administration.


"By putting Druva in place, we now know where our data is, we know its being protected, and we can control and monitor the data within the organization."

- Michael Geest,
Director, Western Europe IT Client Services, COTY

"By putting Druva in place, we now know where our data is, we know its being protected, and we can control and monitor the data within the organization."

- Michael Geest,
Director, Western Europe IT Client Services, COTY

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