The prevalence of laptops and mobile devices in the enterprise makes corporate data increasingly vulnerable to loss and breach. And yet, workforce productivity is now inextricably linked to mobility. inSync addresses both of these realities by giving IT the tools to confidently protect data across platforms and devices while also providing features designed to enhance the end user experience.

Cross-Platform Backup & Restore

inSync supports backup, access, and restore across all platforms and devices.

  • Data backup protects corporate data on laptops, tablets, and smartphones - corporate or BYOD
  • Persona Backup preserves personal settings
  • Heterogeneous restore of data and settings to any device simplifies data migration

Devices and platforms protected by Druva inSync

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Industry's Best Data Reduction

Advanced global deduplication results in fast, lightweight backups, saving up to 90% on storage and bandwidth consumption when compared to competitive solutions.

  • Global deduplication produces smaller, faster backups by eliminating data redundancy across all users
  • Application-aware deduplication understands application formats to accurately determine block boundaries for deduplication
  • HyperCache enables deduplication to scale by reducing server load

High Performing & Efficient

Backups and restores take place successfully, even on networks of varying quality.

  • Deduplication and WAN optimization reduce consumption of bandwidth and network resources
  • Auto-resume ensures completion when interrupted
  • Multi-threaded backups and restores efficiently use available bandwidth for faster transfers

Our employees are very happy with inSync compared to the former solution, which had many interrupts, system freezes, and backup gaps."

- Hans Vermaak, Project Lead
Xerox Corporation

Designed for End Users

Non-disruptive backups and ongoing data access maximize user productivity.

  • WAN optimization and smart resource throttling ensure non-disruptive backups
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device data access from client, web, and mobile maximizes productivity
  • Self-service restore lets users get back to work quickly after data loss

of inSync customers positively rate the user experience.

- Annual Druva Customer Survey


Automated, Centralized, Integrated

inSync reduces time and resources required to install, deploy, and manage backups.

  • Automated installation and integrated mass deployment allow rollout without user involvement
  • Centralized administration enables IT to manage all aspects of backup for all devices
  • Global policies, alerts, and reports let IT easily configure and monitor backups and restores
Deployment and Policies

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