inSync 5.2 takes endpoint backup to a new generation with capabilities that extend backup beyond files to include a user's system and application settings, audit trails for IT data governance, and sharing enhancements for an enriched user experience.

insync settings backup

Persona Backup simplifies user migration across OS and device

Backing up system, application, and personal settings makes OS migration, laptop refreshes, and device replacements simple for IT and eliminates time spent on reconfiguring past settings.

  • Automated backup of a user’s OS and application settings including browser, printer, Outlook & Office settings
  • Self-service restore of a user’s working environment including files, folders, and settings
  • Works on multiple platforms including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and various Mac OS versions

inSync 5.2 offers administrator audit trail

Admin and user activity streams provide 360° of data visibility

Admin and user activity streams give companies complete visibility, enabling effective data governance and compliance with industry regulations.

  • Detailed audit trail of administrator activities complements user activity stream to provide a 360 degree view
  • Undeletable stream of all administrator activities including managing users, data, storage, and reports
  • Filter the list of activities by type and role for easier viewing

insync high availability

Multi-destination and replication improve Private Cloud high availability

With multi-destination backups and automatic failover, organizations never have to experience data loss or inaccessibility.

  • Dual destination backups to primary and secondary servers with individually configurable schedules
  • Periodic population of secondary by primary speeds up backups to secondary and saves bandwidth
  • Automatic failover of backups and restores provides zero downtime and continuous employee access to data

insync sharing enhance selective sync

Enhanced file sharing controls increase usability and data security

Advanced options for viewing and downloading files make it easier to share files, as well as regulate access to shared data.

  • View-only sharing links disallow downloads but display documents in-browser using the inSync document viewer
  • Administrators and link-creating users can set links to expire based on the number of views or downloads
  • Users can selectively sync shared folders to devices or simply view them on the inSync web portal

insync integrated mass deployment

Integrated mass deployment cuts deployment time by 75%

Enterprise-wide deployment is even easier with the elimination of custom scripting.

  • In-product tool for mass deployment
  • Eliminates the need for custom scripts, saving up to 75% in deployment time
  • Tighter AD integration allows mapping of AD entities to inSync profiles and storage volumes