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Enterprise Endpoint Backup: What Most Businesses Get Wrong

12.19.14 | By in How To

Businesses that have gotten in the groove of traditional server backups within the firewall think that they can simply apply ... Read more >

Integrated Data Backup, Access and Sharing Saves Costs and Improves Productivity - Forrester Total Economic Impact of Druva inSync

Integrated Data Backup, Access and Sharing Saves Costs and Improves Productivity

12.18.14 | By in Trends

Druva inSync Drives Cost Savings and Improved Productivity with Integrated Data Backup, Access and Sharing In a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting ... Read more >


Why Microsoft OneDrive for Business is Not a Substitute for Endpoint Data Protection

12.11.14 | By in Trends

The emergence of file sync/share solutions has spurred a debate regarding whether a file sync/share service with versioning capabilities (such ... Read more >

will 2016 be the year of the unemployed cio

Will 2016 be the Year of the Unemployed CIO?

12.10.14 | By in Trends

CIOs are waking up to a new reality. Their well-thought-through data usage policies and guidelines, which were designed for an ... Read more >


Is Your Enterprise Backup Plan Appropriate? Probably Not.

12.10.14 | By in Trends

A recent poll of IT pros focused on data centers found that only a small fraction were considering cloud backup, ... Read more >


service level agreement

The Least You Need to Know about Cloud Service-Level Agreements

12.09.14 | By in Tech

Do service-level agreements (SLAs) scare you? SLAs are often (and unfortunately) misconstrued as unattainable goals levied on system owners because ... Read more >

Sport couple of athletes success

Live. Love. Run.

12.03.14 | By in Culture

Running is not a group sport. It is not a team game. Running is a solitary act. You may run ... Read more >


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Deck the Halls with Tape: the Holiday Webinar

12.02.14 | By in Druva News

Dashing to the server roomAs a one-man IT teamWatching things get backed upLaughing all the way (ha ha ha) Save yourself ... Read more >