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To Cloud or Not to Cloud: Answering the CIO's Top 5 Questions

09.23.14 | By in Trends

The executive suite may still be cautious, but the cash savings should convince almost any CIO that the cloud is ... Read more >


The Rise and Risk of BYOD

09.22.14 | By in Trends

The "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) trend is no longer new: It is the "new normal" for many companies. Enabling ... Read more >

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What's So Special About Two-Factor Encryption?

09.18.14 | By in Tech

There are many ways cloud service providers protect your data: key and data model, escrow model, key server model, etc. ... Read more >

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Mobile Device Preservation Failures Lead to Doomsday eDiscovery Sanctions

09.17.14 | By and in Trends

A court-appointed eDiscovery special master recently issued a stunning report, recommending case-ending discovery sanctions against a defendant medical provider for ... Read more >

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5 Ways IT Can Give Legal What It Needs for eDiscovery (Before They Ask)

09.16.14 | By in How To

Enterprise eDiscovery projects are quite challenging given the knowledge gaps between IT and Legal. To forestall delays -- and perhaps ... Read more >

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When Multi-threading Hits a Scalability Dead End

09.11.14 | By in Tech

Multithreading solves a multitude of software development problems, especially for network-centric applications that must respond to user need with near-instant ... Read more >

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The True Costs of Remote Office Backup

09.10.14 | By in Trends

It’s hard to support end-users at the best of times, and even more onerous when the IT staffers are at ... Read more >

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It’s Time to Modernize Your IT Governance Policies

09.09.14 | By in How To

The risk of data loss is growing as more data is created and shared via mobile devices, social networks, and ... Read more >