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The Secret to Druva’s Pune 24-hour Hackathon success

05.21.15 | By in Druva News

Druva is relentless about delivering quality software that makes its customers joyful. That means squashing every defect we can find. ... Read more >

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IT Paleontology: Digging for the Oldest Software in Your Shop

05.12.15 | By in Trends

What’s the oldest third-party software your company uses? Why is it still in use? I asked IT professionals these questions, ... Read more >


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From Insecurity to Innovation: Why the Era of Cloud Storage is Here

05.11.15 | By in Trends

The cloud is ready for mass consumption; in fact, it’s arrived. This is no longer an early-adopter’s game. It’s another day, ... Read more >

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If You’re Going to Worry about Cloud Security, Says Gartner, Worry about the Right Things

05.07.15 | By in Trends

Is your business thinking about going cloud but standing on the sidelines due to security concerns? While you are not ... Read more >


8 Can’t-Miss Podcasts for Enterprise Techies

05.05.15 | By in How To

Want to plug into the enterprise tech community? These podcasts will keep you up to date on what’s going on ... Read more >

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Harvard Business Publishing Goes All-In for the Cloud

05.04.15 | By in Trends

Of the seven takeaways from a massive cloud migration project, says Harvard Business Publishing’s Ken Griffin, the final lesson is ... Read more >

Enterprise Data Privacy: How Does Your Business Stack Up?

Enterprise Data Privacy: How Does Your Business Stack Up?

05.01.15 | By in How To

A new study shows that data privacy is a top priority for businesses, yet there’s a critical disconnect between companies’ ... Read more >


MoneySuperMarket Improves Remote Workers’ Self-Sufficiency with Druva inSync

04.28.15 | By in Druva News

MoneySuperMarket gives its 40 million annual customers quick and easy online access to price comparisons across a variety of financial ... Read more >