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The Purpose of “Backup” Evolved When You Weren’t Looking

01.29.15 | By in Trends

If you’re an old-school sysadmin, you likely think of backup as a kind of insurance, a way to recover after ... Read more >

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I was JUST going to backup right after this… Oops

01.28.15 | By in Trends

Have you or your co-worker had to deal with a lost or stolen laptop? Maybe there was a case of ... Read more >

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Getting a Better Handle on BYOD Management

01.20.15 | By in Trends

The rise in popularity of BYOD mobile devices has been both a blessing and a curse for IT departments. BYOD has ... Read more >


Shadow IT, Latency Reduction and More: The Next Decade in Storage

01.12.15 | By in Trends

You’ve been reading plenty of “What’s coming in 2015” articles. Pfft, what fun are they? Robin Harris, a.k.a. StorageMojo, peers ... Read more >


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In Spirit of the Holidays

01.08.15 | By in Culture

By Marissa Kan This holiday season, Druva partnered with The Family Giving Tree to host a Holiday Wish Drive for Bay ... Read more >


One Step at a Time: The Mountaineering (and Other) Equipment You Need to Climb Everest

01.08.15 | By in Culture

Sauraj Jhingan is only 90 days from his dream climb. Here’s what it takes to make an Everest ascent possible. With merely ... Read more >

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What Buckminster Fuller Taught Me About User Experience and Customer Support

01.05.15 | By in Trends

With any workflow problem, the aim is to work as efficiently as possible – not in a “buzzword” way, but ... Read more >



Avoid Holiday Camera-geddon: How to Keep Holiday Family Photos from Bringing Down Your Backup Servers

12.29.14 | By and in How To

A hidden danger for your datacenter lays lurking during the holiday season – and it’s ready to bring your servers ... Read more >