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The CIO’s Dilemma: Designing Networks and Services in the Cloud

10.20.14 | By , and in Tech

Cloud deployments have brought about game-changing benefits for both the providers and the consumers but continue to be challenged by ... Read more >


Protecting Corporate Data...When an Employee Leaves

10.13.14 | By in How To

When someone leaves the company, the HR department is quick to grab the employee's laptop. But what about the data ... Read more >

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The Evolution of Server Backup (infographic)

10.09.14 | By in Druva NewsTrends

When you think server backup you visualize tapes being carted off to vaults by the truckload. Accessing hot, warm or cold ... Read more >

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The Rise of Phoenix

10.09.14 | By in Druva News

 Over the last couple of years, Druva established a clear core competency in delivering a global-scale, world-class, secure, cloud service. ... Read more >


Computing Everywhere: Contemplating the Future of Endpoint Management

10.08.14 | By in Trends

Mobile devices are becoming more-and-more a vital part of enterprise computing. And, reports a researcher speaking at the Gartner Symposium, ... Read more >

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Pursuing Digital Ethics: How Not To Mess Up with Technology

10.08.14 | By in Trends

Do you worry that the tech industry has forgotten to pay attention to the ethical consequences of technology decisions? Be ... Read more >

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The Gartner Symposium Tschotke Report

10.08.14 | By in Trends

Technology, schmecknology. Half of the fun of attending a tech event is discovering the swag that vendors hand out on ... Read more >


Big Data + Mobile = Perfect Storm

09.25.14 | By in Trends

by Lee Reiber One of the catch-phrases floating around the corporate and e-discovery landscape and scaring people these days is “Big ... Read more >