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Reduce the cost and complexity of data protection, disaster recovery, and compliance for data and applications in hybrid IT environments

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Data protection shouldn’t be complex as you move to the cloud

Digital transformation is powered by applications, data, and cloud services. Because no organization moves to the cloud all at once, they need the flexibility to protect application workloads in both places. Hybrid workloads such as vSphere, Hyper-V, SQL, Oracle, and file services like NAS increasingly run both on-premises and in the cloud. Yet, protecting this hybrid environment with legacy data protection actually increases complexity and costs. Rooted in the data center, traditional backup treats the cloud like another infrastructure layer increasing management overhead, data silos, and security gaps.

As organizations run hybrid workloads in the cloud, they experience the transformative potential of less infrastructure management. Druva offers data protection-as-a-service that delivers on this promise — protecting workloads wherever they live, reducing costs and complexity, and providing a future-proof architecture. 

Druva hybrid cloud backup platform

Unified data protection for applications and data on-premises and in the cloud.

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Hybrid cloud backup benefits

Reduces backup infrastructure costs & management

Cloud backup and DR for on-premises and cloud workloads eliminates HW/SW refresh cycles which reduces costs and lets people manage data, not infrastructure.

Improves compliance & security wherever data lives

Direct-to-cloud backup and integrated long-term retention simplify compliance while data isolation and ransomware recovery enhance security.

Protects hybrid workloads consistently wherever they run

An intuitive interface and on-demand scale enables reliable data protection and predictable costs for workloads both on-premises and in the cloud.

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How does backup for hybrid workloads work?

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How is Druva’s cloud backup platform different?

The Druva Cloud Platform delivers a simplified data protection experience that allows customers to meet their SLAs and focus on data management instead of infrastructure.

Direct-to-cloud backup requires no infrastructure

  • Deploy and scale on-demand without sacrificing local recovery 
  • Improve resiliency and availability of data by storing it in the Druva cloud
  • Eliminate infrastructure, support, training, and overhead costs 

Transparent and predictable business model

  • Simple licensing offers predictable costs (no charge for restores)
  • Consumption-based pricing lets you pay only for what you use
  • No hidden costs — all-inclusive SaaS

Robust platform and data security

  • Built and run on AWS infrastructure with a zero-trust architecture
  • Encrypts and isolates data to create an “air gap” from production network
  • Manage and control access with SSO and MFA integrations and audit trails

Broad support for compliance, data privacy and residency needs

  • Druva complies with EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield frameworks
  • Store data in 14+ AWS regions to meet data residency requirements
  • Quickly meet and validate compliance via the web, third-party integrations, and APIs

Modernize your data management model

  • Data storage is globally accessible and stored in three distinct locations
  • Global, source-based deduplication and backups reduce bandwidth and storage costs
  • Manage service levels based on the value of data, without infrastructure overhead

Deliver and scale data protection services faster

  • Deploy in under 15 minutes with no training or certifications required
  • On-demand scale and storage eliminates supply chain dependencies 
  • Data protection dynamically matches your application and cloud environments

One cloud platform and experience wherever workloads run

  • Centralized visibility and common interface across workloads increases agility
  • Single system of record for all of your data, accessible through one console 
  • Native interoperability with ecosystem partners (i.e. Okta or ServiceNow) and value-added connectors (i.e. Splunk, FireEye, Palo Alto Networks)
Druva Phoenix facilitated our migration to VMware Cloud on AWS, and it allows us to use more AWS services so that our IT department can expand the services it delivers to our customers.

University of Manchester

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