Slide The Druva Cloud Platform Provide data protection for your data wherever it lives. Its architecture ensures the security and availability of your data. Its SaaS business model keeps cost under control. With its unified management console, your team focuses on the data, not the infrastructure. Slide Data protection Druva offers a new operating model for cloud data protection: an architecture that combines security and scalability, a transparent consumption-based model, and a radically simple user experience. Slide Data governance The Druva Cloud Platform provides air-gapped architecture, governance and incident response policies, and monitoring of anomalies for an instant response. Keep your data resilient and compliant with the Druva Cloud Platform. Slide Cyber resilience The Druva Cloud Platform delivers one system of records to protect and govern data to keep you in control. Intelligently tracking changes in the data and collaborating with your security and governance stacks, Druva keeps your business resilient from cyber threats and compliant at all times. Slide Built on AWS The Druva Cloud Platform is built on AWS and offered as-a-Service, delivering globally accessible, infinitely scalable, and completely autonomous enterprise data resiliency.