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  • Gartner Critical Capabilities Report: Comparing 8 Top Enterprise Endpoint Backup Vendors

    In the latest Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Endpoint Backup report, Gartner evaluated eight endpoint backup products against 11 critical…
    By in 05.10.16
  • Why IT is Setting Their Sights on Direct-to-Cloud Backup

    IT is eyeing the cloud as a target for server backup across large enterprises. Cost efficiencies and the massive...

    By in 02.16.16
  • What Is The Cloud’s Strategic Advantage?

    New technologies go through predictable phases. The same goes for cloud storage. Understanding the strategic advantage of cloud means not just...

    By in 01.26.16
  • IT Paleontology: Digging for the Oldest Software in Your Shop

    What’s the oldest third-party software your company uses? Why is it still in use? I asked IT professionals these...

    By in 05.12.15
  • From Insecurity to Innovation: Why the Era of Cloud Storage is Here

    The cloud is ready for mass consumption; in fact, it’s arrived. This is no longer an early-adopter’s game. It’s...

    By in 05.11.15
  • 8 Can’t-Miss Podcasts for Enterprise Techies

    Want to plug into the enterprise tech community? These podcasts will keep you up to date on what’s going...

    By in 05.05.15
  • 9 Entertaining and Enlightening Storage and Networking Experts to Follow on Twitter

    We all want to pay attention to people with technical expertise. Call ‘em “influencers,” “rock star techies,” or just...

    By in 04.14.15
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    14 Storage and Networking Pundits to Follow on Twitter

    Data storage, data centers, and networking are changing enterprise architecture as we know it. The best way to stay...

    By in 02.12.15
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    Shadow IT, Latency Reduction and More: The Next Decade in Storage

    You’ve been reading plenty of “What’s coming in 2015” articles. Pfft, what fun are they? Robin Harris, a.k.a. StorageMojo,...

    By in 01.12.15