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  • The Secret to Druva’s Pune 24-Hour Hackathon Success

    Druva is relentless about delivering quality software that makes its customers joyful. That means squashing every defect we can...

    By in 05.21.15
  • When Multi-threading Hits a Scalability Dead End

    Multithreading solves a multitude of software development problems, especially for network-centric applications that must respond to user need with...

    By in 09.11.14
  • A Product Manager’s Guide to Working with Developers (so everybody’s happy)

    I have had the good fortune of working with a terrific bunch of developers and software engineers on my...

    By in 08.12.14
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    How Developers and IT Think Differently about Security — and Why It Matters

    Despite the number of application security breaches that find their way into the news, most developers care passionately about...

    By in 08.05.14