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  • What The Rapid Adoption Of Cloud Apps Means For Data Governance

    The rapid adoption of cloud services like Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs and Box in the enterprise is a...

    By in 03.17.16
  • 3 Steps to Manage, Protect and Secure Decentralized Data

    To say that we live in a data-rich world is an understatement. Every day, we create and store 2.5 quintillion...

    By in 03.02.16
  • The Growth of Corporate Data

    The volume of corporate data is exploding. Worldwide corporate data now doubles every 14 months and will reach 10.5...

    By in 05.29.13
  • Big data poses a security risk

    Big Data = Bigger Security Risk

    A perfect storm is brewing on the data security front, and it’s setting businesses up for a tidal wave...

    By in 05.09.13