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  • curtis preston

    W. Curtis Preston (aka “Mr. Backup”) Joins Druva

    Why in the world did someone like me who has never worked for a vendor finally decide to work...

    By in 04.19.18
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Healing Storage

    A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Healing Storage

    When operating at scale, even backup systems need backups. If a disaster ever occurs, IT needs to be able...

  • Tape Clings to Power: But Does the Emperor Have No Clothes?

    Over the past fifteen years, storage vendors looking to replace tape as the primary backup media have sounded its...

    By in 07.12.16
  • Why Global Dedupe Is The ‘Killer Feature’ of Cloud Backup

    Thanks to recent advances in mobile technology, device storage capacity continues to closely follow Moore’s Law—that is, doubling approximately...

    By in 05.04.16
  • 10 Best Hits of the Druva Blog

    Over the past year, the Druva blog has become our ‘home base’ for sharing the latest product news, expert advice and...

    By in 01.12.16
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    Understanding Data Deduplication — and Why It’s Critical for Moving Data to the Cloud

    If you work in IT and are responsible for backing up or transferring large amounts of data, you’ve probably...

    By in 03.24.15
  • Deduped backup and file sharing = 90% Saving on Infra Costs

    We just launched our deduplication savings calculator in response to customer requests for a tool to understand the advantages...

    By in 09.27.13
  • Top backup mistakes for endpoints

    10 Most Common Endpoint Backup Mistakes: How to Avoid Them recently published a slideshow based on the Druva white paper Top 10 Endpoint Backup Mistakes. By Chris Preimesberger,...

    By in 04.22.13
  • Proof of the Pudding – New Benchmarks for Endpoint Data Protection

    Everyone tries to lay claim to being the “fastest”, “biggest”, “strongest”, “most secure”, “the best”, “industry leading”. Very often...

    By in 09.13.11