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  • what-microsoft-wont-tell-you

    What Microsoft Won’t Tell You about Office 365 Subscription Plans

    Originally published June, 2015, updated February 2019. IT managers are by nature conservative. It comes with the job. So...

    By in 02.01.19
  • vmworld2018-blog

    Druva & VMworld 2018

    Druva couldn’t be more excited about our upcoming Platinum sponsorship of VMworld 2018. We believe our increased presence at...

  • ESG-webinar-DRUVA-ROBO

    ESG Research: Remote Office/Branch Office Trends and Challenges

    Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) is an IT analyst, research, and strategy firm that provides market intelligence and actionable insight...

    By in 11.15.16
  • 20 Questions InfoSec Will Ask About Your Awesome Cloud Project

    With technology budgets increasingly managed outside of IT, it’s not unusual for enterprise business units to champion new cloud...

    By in 08.31.16
  • So You Think You’re Up on Ransomware? Think Again.

    A lot has been written about ransomware, with even committed technophobes now able to discuss it at company meet-and-greets....

    By in 07.14.16
  • Tape Clings to Power: But Does the Emperor Have No Clothes?

    Over the past fifteen years, storage vendors looking to replace tape as the primary backup media have sounded its...

    By in 07.12.16
  • MSPs in the Cloud Era—It’s Now or Never

    Managed Service Providers, take note: a wave of transformation has begun.As traction for the cloud continues to grow, customers...

    By in 06.06.16
  • Gartner Critical Capabilities Report: Comparing 8 Top Enterprise Endpoint Backup Vendors

    In the latest Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Endpoint Backup report, Gartner evaluated eight endpoint backup products against 11 critical…
    By in 05.10.16
  • Why Global Dedupe Is The ‘Killer Feature’ of Cloud Backup

    Thanks to recent advances in mobile technology, device storage capacity continues to closely follow Moore’s Law—that is, doubling approximately...

    By in 05.04.16