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  • HyperV-blog

    Druva Expands Its Data Protection Capabilities with Hyper-V Support

    For companies that want to protect their Hyper-V environments and the ever-growing amount of structured and unstructured data that...

    By in 02.12.18
  • Converged Data Protection: Enabling the Lifecycle of Business Data

    All too often, businesses store their data in separate tech silos and never think to draw connections, re-use the...

    By in 06.01.15
  • MoneySuperMarket Improves Remote Workers’ Self-Sufficiency with Druva inSync

    MoneySuperMarket gives its 40 million annual customers quick and easy online access to price comparisons across a variety of...

    By in 04.28.15
  • Tips to get the most from your Druva inSync Deployment

    IT experts share their vetted advice on how they make their inSync setup highly efficient for their end users....

    By in 04.01.15
  • When Retrofitted Technology Goes Wrong

    It can be tempting to retrofit an older solution to add new technology or features. But just because you...

    By in 03.30.15
  • Customer Success: How Palo Alto Unified School District Aces Data Protection  

    The IT personnel at the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) face a myriad of challenges in their efforts...

    By in 03.26.15
  • deduplication, what is deduplication, global deduplication, data deduplication, global data deduplication

    Understanding Data Deduplication — and Why It’s Critical for Moving Data to the Cloud

    If you work in IT and are responsible for backing up or transferring large amounts of data, you’ve probably...

    By in 03.24.15
  • The Purpose of “Backup” Evolved When You Weren’t Looking

    If you’re an old-school sysadmin, you likely think of backup as a kind of insurance, a way to recover...

    By in 01.29.15