Slack eDiscovery for Data Collection

Slack is changing how we communicate

Slack channels are a rich source of evidence as employees speak freely and frequently. Messages are editable which places data admissibility and integrity at risk for HR and legal teams. Proactive Slack eDiscovery data collection and legal hold preserves data integrity, reduces eDiscovery time and ensures data is admissible for legal actions.

Automated data collection for Slack eDiscovery

What makes Druva different

Robust collection of data on-demand or to a defined schedule gathers the most relevant Slack data reducing costs for HR and legal investigations.

Comprehensive Slack data collection

“As is” Slack data collection, workspaces, and channels accelerates point-in-time inquiries. Indexing at data collection expedites search results.

Global oversight increases IT efficiency

Company wide policies for Slack eDiscovery and legal hold preserves Slack data without user disruption. Spans individual and multiple custodians.

Unified management console

Enterprise control of Slack history, channels, and messages reduces communication gaps across IT, legal, HR and security teams.


Unified solution that preserves Slack eDiscovery data in immutable snapshots even if employees depart, data is corrupted or accidentally deleted.

With Druva, our data collection is less reactive and more proactive, because the data is already being collected … the streamlining has been tremendous.

Roger Huff, Associate Director
Security Investigations & Forensics, Allergan

Comprehensive legal hold

  • Proactive data collection and storage
  • Slack channels, messages, files, snippets
  • Organizations, workspaces, channels

End to end legal hold

Data integrity preserved

  • Immutable snapshots for data retention
  • Court-admissible administrative logs
  • Electronic chain of custody


Simplifies forensics, collection and preservation of Slack data. Allows IT to react quickly to eDiscovery requests for internal investigations or legal action.

How Druva’s Slack eDiscovery Works

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