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Secure Entra ID Backups
in the Cloud

Druva delivers an efficient, automated solution to safeguard and recover Microsoft Entra ID objects, ensuring business continuity and resilience against disruptions.

100% SaaS, 100% Secure

Druva is fully managed with efficient, secure, and air-gapped storage for Entra ID backups, alongside Microsoft 365, and Azure VM, and other cloud resources.

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Complete data security for Entra ID objects

Druva provides a policy-based approach to protect and secure common Entra ID objects such as Users, Groups, Roles, Devices, Enterprise Applications, and Application Registrations.

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Go beyond basic object recovery

Druva doesn't just recover Microsoft Entra ID objects; it restores their settings and relationships too. Customers can sleep easy knowing vital relationships like group memberships are restored along with the objects.

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Object comparative

Druva provides capabilities to compare objects between snapshots, enabling users to swiftly recover specific data points or compare the current state with previous backups through comparative restores.

Full Data Security for the Microsoft Suite

Level up your Microsoft workload security! In addition to Entra ID, safeguard your data across Azure VMs and Microsoft 365 applications — SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange Online, Teams, and Planner — with ease.

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“We can talk data security posture to our execs and board with much greater confidence, and have assurance our brand is protected thanks to our partnership with Druva.”

Leticia Espinosa Supervisor of Infrastructure and Continuity

Trusted by the world’s leading organizations

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FREE with Druva’s M365 protection

100% SaaS security for Entra ID data — included with M365 plans.

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Druva ensures resilience against Entra ID outages, compromises, and misconfigurations, allowing your organization to always have reliable access to its data.

Solution brief

Druva air-gaps Azure VMs and reduces storage costs by up to 40% compared to native Azure backup.


Discover the key challenges with Microsoft 365 native data protection and how your organization can address them with Druva.

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