Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery (DR)

Peace-of-mind data protection, without the high price

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For most organizations, implementing a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan is an expensive and resource-intensive endeavor—an impossibility for many that leaves their business exposed to serious risk. Druva Phoenix provides an integrated cloud-native backup, recovery, and DR solution that eliminates these hurdles, enabling organizations to quickly and effortlessly provision services for their business.

DR for the Masses, At a Fraction of the Cost

Unified Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Organizations shouldn’t need to purchase separate siloed solutions to address backup, archival, and DR—let alone have to manage them separately. Phoenix unifies these disparate services in a single environment, optimizing costs, simplifying administration, and increasing organizational efficiency.

Fast and Affordable Disaster Recovery

Phoenix puts DR within the grasp of any enterprise needing a quick, easy-to-setup, and affordable solution. With cloud-based DR you have no infrastructure to purchase, minimal administration, RTO within minutes—and testing is as easy as clicking a button.

DR Without the Infrastructure Headaches

With direct-to-cloud backup and recovery for VMware environments, Phoenix enables fast setup for failover and DR within minutes of VM snapshots. A simple click is all it takes to spin-up your VMs and initiate failover in the AWS cloud. All without any additional costly infrastructure.

Customer-Managed Failover Environment

Unlike the typical practice of failing over to a DRaaS providers’ environment, Phoenix pushes pre-configured VMs (converted to AMIs) directly to customer-managed AWS VPC environments. What does that mean? Network and security failover without losing your configuration standards—and only you have access to the operating account and its data.

Never Worry About Data Security

Your Data is in the Most Secure Cloud Available

Phoenix leverages the proven reliability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver the most secure cloud infrastructure, policies, and procedures available. AWS has achieved compliance with over 18 industry certifications, including SOC 1 (previously SSAE 16, SAS 70), and Druva’s certified cloud operations include ISAE 3000 Type 2 certification and HIPAA compliance. The bottom line? You have peace of mind.

Only You Have Access to Your Data

Unlike other cloud solutions, Phoenix uses a highly secure, two-factor encryption system, ensuring that your data can only be accessed and decrypted by you. This unique approach to data security means Druva has no access to the encryption key—and consequently, no access to customer data—even under subpoena.

Global Data Privacy Concerns? No Problem!

AWS provides 12 worldwide regions for storage of your data, with more on the way. Each region is customer-selectable directly from within the Phoenix console and your data stays within that region. Coupled with Druva’s unique two-factor encryption system, your data is stored in compliance with Data Protection requirements around the world.

Performance Backup for DR is Easy on the Network

Global Dedupe + Change Block Tracking = Effective RPOs

Phoenix’s unique global deduplication technology prevents the unnecessary transfer and storage of duplicate data, reducing bandwidth and storage needs by as much as 80%. Coupled with the Change Block Tracking (CBT) of VMware environments, RPOs are delivered in minutes instead of hours or days.

Designed with Servers in Mind

“Built for the cloud” means performance optimization with parallelized data transfers, high bandwidth availability and utilization of Amazon AWS’s advanced infrastructure capabilities to enable 100Mbps throughput—up to 20x faster than other solutions.

Meet your RTO and RPO targets with global data deduplication and 100 Mbps transfer speeds

Modernize Your Environment, Minimize Your Expenses

Abandon Costly Secondary Data Centers

The traditional approach to DR equates to a lot of overhead and expense, typically only viable for high-transaction environments where failover needs to be measured in seconds. Phoenix brings streamlined DR and failover service to the other 99% of servers—including yours.

Test and Dev Without Anything Extra

Because of Phoenix’s straightforward process for converting VMs to AMIs that can then be easily spun-up anywhere they are needed for DR, this same workflow can also be applied for Test and Dev purposes. With Druva Phoenix, you can test your upgrades, patches, and development changes before pushing to production, without having to invest in additional infrastructure.

Keep Your Team Focused on More Important Projects

If your company is like most others, managing backup and DR across multiple sites with limited staff can have unpredictable and costly consequences. Phoenix unburdens your organization by delivering a centrally-administered solution that removes the need for high-touch onsite administration.

Don’t Pay for Storing the Same Data Over and Over

With traditional backup, archiving, and DR, you’re paying to store multiple copies of data—as well as multiple vendors’ services. Phoenix converges multiple data protection services into a single solution, leveraging global deduplication, change block tracking for VMs, and ever incremental backups to ensure that both space and network bandwidth usage is optimized. The result? A single copy of your data, delivering significant cost efficiencies and improved resource usage for your business.


"Druva really makes a lot of things easier for IT."

- Isaac Wilson,
Principal IT SPecialist, AOSense

"Druva really makes a lot of things easier for IT."

- Isaac Wilson,
Principal IT SPecialist, AOSense