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Finding the Right Backup Model

As businesses often have different needs when it comes to data protection, the one-size-fits-all approach is no longer feasible. In order to balance availability and cost, backup and recovery strategies must be strategically aligned to your own personal business needs. In this webinar we discuss how to simplify the process of evaluating enterprise backup and recovery options, and how to analyze today’s data protection models, capabilities, and vendors.

Speakers: Jesse Kachapis, Global Solutions Engineer, Druva; Seyi Verma, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Druva

Leveraging the Power of the Cloud to Protect VMware Data

While virtualization has provided storage pros with the ability to overcome the limitations of on-premises physical servers, the data protection strategy continues to be complex and expensive. With over 90% of organizations moving to the cloud, IT professionals are looking for a unified, scalable and flexible solution to protect their virtualized workloads on-premises and in the cloud. Listen to this interactive webinar with a special guest speaker from 451 Research!

Speakers: Steven Hill, Senior Research Analyst, 451 Research; Seyi Verma, Director of Product Marketing, Druva

New Era of Data Protection for Hyper-V Environments

Virtualization tools like Hyper-V from Microsoft allow systems to overcome physical barriers between resources while optimizing server and storage utilization. But protecting virtualized environments, and the ever-growing amount of data being created, is still too often ineffectively addressed with complex, on-premises secondary storage models that come with heavy administrative overhead and infrastructure costs. Find out how a cloud-native solution from Druva helps streamline data protection for Hyper-V workloads.

Speakers: Seyi Verma - Director of Product Marketing, Druva

Simplifying Hyper-V Backups with the Public Cloud

Hyper-V has become wildly popular over the last several years, now accounting for more than 40% of the market share in the virtualization space. Although virtualized solutions such as Hyper-V have optimized the data center, the necessity for effective data management and backup is more critical than ever. Learn how to leverage the public cloud to solve challenges organizations and IT professionals face when it comes to providing effective availability within Microsoft Hyper-V environments.

Speakers: Seyi Verma, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Druva

Solving VMware Backup Challenges with the Cloud

Protecting your VMware environment, including VMWare cloud on AWS (VMC), can be complex and challenging. The complexity and lack of visibility of data across your data center can often leave your data at risk, especially if a company disaster were to occur. How can you ensure that your data is protected, managed, and recoverable? Watch this webinar to gain insight on all that the cloud has to offer for your company.

Speakers: Seyi Verma, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Druva

How Angelo State University Cut OS Migration & Device Refresh Time by 75%

OS migrations and device refreshes are typically time consuming and complicated. Learn how Angelo State University simplified this process, cutting OS migration and device refresh time by 75% using Druva inSync.

Speakers: Jake Bruner, Technology Services Specialist, Angelo State University; Sarah Beaudoin, Product Marketing Manager, Druva

Extending Data Protection to the Public Cloud for Nutanix Workloads

Join product leaders from Nutanix and Druva, to learn how you can get the best hybrid cloud solution using the the simplicity and performance of Nutanix with the global reach and economics of Druva public cloud data protection.

Speakers: Yuan Wang, Nutanix Solutions Architect; Seyi Verma, Druva Sr. Product Manager

Solution: Converged Data Protection

New Strategies for More Effective Remote/Branch Office Data Protection

Remote and branch office (ROBO) environments are rarely complex but the effort required to manage them increases exponentially with the number of sites. Join data protection expert Jason Buffington, Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), and Druva as they examine ROBO challenges and strategies for a scalable program.

Speakers: Jason Buffington Principal Analyst, ESG; Ramanan Balakrishnan Director, Product Management, Druva

Solution: Cloud Backup For Remote Offices

Cut End-to-End eDiscovery Time in Half: Leveraging the Cloud to Speed eDiscovery

Today legal hold requests expand far beyond traditional email server needs of yesteryear. As the data volume increases from mobile devices and cloud services, Legal and IT teams can no longer continue to rely on legacy eDiscovery processes that are both inefficient and costly. Join Neil Etheridge, DISCO, and Druva to learn how the latest generation of eDiscovery solutions, using native-cloud technologies, are dramatically reducing the eDiscovery process by 50%.

Speakers: Neil Etheridge, VP Marketing, DISCO; Dave Packer, VP Product Marketing, Druva

Solution: eDiscovery for Endpoints

Taking a Proactive Approach to Combat Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, restricting access to systems and data until a ransom is paid. Organizations have found themselves vulnerable and struggling to reduce risk. Join our panel of experts, including John Shier, Senior Security Advisor, Sophos, and Druva as they provide insights into how to confidently prepare your organization to combat ransomware threats with proactive strategies to protect data before a malicious attack occurs.

Speakers: John Shier Senior Security Advisor, Sophos; Seyi Verma Product Marketing Manager, Druva

Solution: Mobile Workforce Data Protection

Best Practices for Windows 10 Migration

As organizations plan their broader migrations to Windows 10, the planning and preparation needs to start now, often with many moving parts to coordinate. Join Pang Ngernsupaluck, Windows Partner Lead at Microsoft, and Druva, to hear about the benefits in moving your enterprise to Windows 10 and how to ease the migration.

Speakers: Pang Ngernsupaluck, Windows Partner Lead, US Windows & Devices; Manny Lopez, Product Marketing Manager, Druva

Solution: Device Refresh & OS Migration

Backup (alone) is Dead

Join Henry Baltazar, 451 Research, as he provides insights and report data on how to balance the high cost of storage with managing huge amounts of distributed data, further complicated with the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud data sources.

Speakers: Henry Baltazar Research Director, 451 Research; Seyi Verma Product Marketing Manager, Druva

Solution: Converged Data Protection