Analyst Reports


Osterman Research — Filling the Gaps in Office 365 Data Protection

Office 365 is a robust and capable cloud service, but it includes significant shortfalls in data protection and management. This report details its backup, archival, and compliance shortfalls.

Druva turns up the heat in the DRaaS market with new enterprise features

Discover why 451 Research is calling the DRaaS market “white-hot” and take a closer look at Druva’s strategic position in the market.

Aberdeen Group: Reducing Impact of Ransomware Attacks via Cloud-Based Approaches

On a median annual basis, a ransomware attack costs enterprise organizations about $480K with a 10 percent likelihood of more than $2.5 million. But don’t worry — there are ways to reduce the risk of ransomware. Check out this report and learn how to reduce the risk by more than 90% with an effective cloud-based backup and restore solution.

Druva Extends AWS Data-Protection Capabilities

Learn how Druva customers can now utilize AWS cloud environments to protect against unplanned events, better manage the lifecycle of data, and respond rapidly to compliance and legal data inquiries. Our CloudRanger data protection offering for AWS has recently been updated with automated disaster recovery, legal hold and file-level search.

Replacing Legacy Enterprise Backup Solutions with Druva

Blue Hill Research spoke with five organizations who had inefficient endpoint and applications backup solutions, requiring significant oversight and causing major disruption in end-user productivity.Find out why they switched to Druva inSync.

Exploring the Rationale for Moving from Capex-Reliant Data Backup and Management to Druva Phoenix

Blue Hill Research conducted deep qualitative interviews with three organizations that struggled with legacy, distributed data backup, archival and recovery—Gulfmark Offshore, Integreon and TRC. Find out why these companies chose Druva Phoenix as their new data backup solution.

A Practical Guide for GDPR Compliance

Osterman research provides insights and recommendations on the critical importance of the GDPR and steps to help your organization prepare.

Addressing Data Management Risks For The Public Cloud Era

Learn how to leverage the public Cloud to future-proof your data protection and governance needs.

Growing Disaster Recovery Needs Change the Role of Data Backup

451 Research provides insights and recommendations on the increasing need for maintaining a complete disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) solution.

Long-Term Data Retention Drivers and Trends

Read this ESG analyst report to see what makes modern archiving a critical and compelling part of nearly every IT organization’s forward-looking strategy.

Control Business Data Risks through End User Data Protection and Governance

IDC reviews the strengths of Druva inSync’s continually expanding offerings as an effective cloud-native information management solution that can simplify the complexity of managing and protecting business-critical enterprise data.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Data Protection in 2017: Cloud is the Future

Wondering what data protection will look like in 2017? In this report, ESG provides new research on what is driving the need for better data protection and recovery in organizations of all sizes with major trends pointing to the cloud as the ultimate game changer.

Solution: Cloud Backup For Remote Offices

Osterman Research: Best Practices for Protecting Your Data When Employees Leave Your Company

When employees leave a company, they often take sensitive data with them. This paper examines this problem in detail and explores how IT (working with HR) can help ensure the company’s data doesn’t walk out the front door.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Cloud-based Backup and Recovery

Cloud-based applications and software-as-a-service (SaaS) are quickly revolutionizing the way companies deploy and manage their business-critical computing resources. SSG covers the history of cloud-based backup and recovery, and provides best practices for addressing current common issues.

Solution: Endpoint & Cloud Backup

Druva’s end-user data protection meets CS DISCO’s e-discovery in AWS public cloud

451 Research reviews Druva's expanded, end-to-end eDiscovery solution, including critical information governance features, with CS DISCO, within AWS Public Cloud.

Solution: eDiscovery for Endpoints

Proactive Compliance: The Right Prescription for Effective Life Science Data Governance

This recent research by Performance Works identifies current and emerging market needs of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, as well as key capabilities to manage and govern the growing volume of data beyond the data center.

Solution: Converged Data Protection