Druva Extends Our Cloud Platform to Provide Data Protection and Lifecycle Management for IaaS & PaaS Workloads on Amazon Web Services

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Druva Introduces Next Generation Cloud-to-Cloud Data Protection with Apollo for AWS – Go to Press Release

Druva helps achieve

Complete Data Protection

Backup and archival of Snapshots, granular recovery as well as policy automation for data lifecycle management

Cost Control

Snapshot orchestration with SLA- based retention policies, auto-tiering and AWS Glacier for long term archival


Gain visibility into data across multiple AWS accounts and services to reduce compliance risk for regulations like GDPR


Rapid cloud adoption has created a new set of challenges requiring deeper analytics into data usage, lifecycle management and the development of a more holistic data protection model spanning on-premises and cloud environments. Druva Cloud Platform delivers a unified solution that simplifies the discovery of instances, enables policy-based protection and snapshot orchestration across AWS regions while setting the stage for complete information governance including review and audit of snapshots, archival (retention), investigative search, legal hold and compliance management.


Snapshot management for the backup, recovery and replication of your AWS instances using common SLA policy automation with global orchestration, including file-level recovery with near-zero RTO

Discovery & Analysis

Data access, classification, tagging and search provide comprehensive visibility and manageability across multiple regions and accounts. Auto-discovery of sources helps understand storage and data usage. Together with proactive instance management, coupled with efficient resource utilization results in dramatically lower TCO.

Information Governance

Legal hold, review/audit and eDiscovery enablement for backups, snapshots and images provides the data flexibility for legal, compliance and analytics needs. Investigative search and auto-archival provide additional risk management and regulatory alignment capabilities.

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