Keep critical business data safe and private while ensuring productivity & collaboration.

Protecting critical intellectual property

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Technology companies are always innovating, with a dynamic and highly collaborative workforce using multiple devices. Losing or damaging just one device can cause productivity and intellectual property loss. inSync’s converged data protection solution keeps critical business data safe and private while enabling productivity and collaboration.

Protect your IP wherever it goes

With a work culture that often includes work from home options, flexible hours, and an always-on workforce, technology companies recognize that their employees can be productive anytime, anywhere. That’s why you need a data protection solution that protects your users’ valuable data wherever, whenever, and however it’s created. inSync’s high-performance backup ensures that data is continually protected against loss, no matter where your employees are working. To protect against data breach when devices are lost or stolen, inSync provides you with the ability to geo-locate and remotely wipe devices, including smartphone and tablets.

Enhance end-user productivity

Technology companies rely on their highly-productive and knowledgeable employees to collaborate and innovate to create better and better products, which is why data protection software should enhance, not hinder, user productivity. inSync does just that with anytime, anywhere data access from laptops, mobile apps, and web browser. Users can begin creating data on one device and then instantly access it from another device, wherever they are. Real-time, on the go, file access and file sharing enables employees to collaborate internally and externally with clients and partners.

Always know where your data is

While mobility has greatly enhanced productivity for technology companies, lack of visibility into mobile data puts IT at a disadvantage when it comes to data privacy, security, compliance, and litigation — which can have costly consequences. With tamper-proof audit trails, device tracking, and federated search across all devices, inSync’s converged data protection provides IT with the visibility it needs.

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