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Safeguarding senstive information to ensure compliance.

Mitigating data risks for healthcare & life sciences.

Life Sciences

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Druva helps address

Data Loss

Ensure data is safe from corruption, accidental deletion, lost or stolen devices

Data Leaks

Prevent the mishandling of highly sensitive information like PII, PHI, and IP

Data Visibility

Establish central data compliance monitoring and governance

White Paper

Data Compliance Considerations for Healthcare and Life Sciences

To best address compliance, investigation, litigation, maintain productivity, and mitigate risk in the mobile age, regulated enterprises need to ensure high standards of data security and privacy on all endpoint devices that contain or have access to sensitive data like protected health information (PHI).

Hassle-Free Automated Compliance Management

By creating a collection of compliance templates to monitor for violations of regulations like HIPAA, GLBA or PCI, organizations can identify and immediately address issues across all data sources, including cloud applications and mobile devices.

Druva seamlessly collects all end-user and server information into a highly secure storage environment, providing both encryption at-rest (256-bit AES) and in-flight (256-bit TLS) that utilizes advanced envelope encryption to ensure only customers’ can ever have access to their data. Druva’s built-in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities allow IT to geo-locate lost or stolen devices and remotely wipe sensitive information, to help ensure that no unauthorized party has access to the data.

Identify Potential Data Risks with Full Text Search

Druva seamlessly captures and indexes data across all devices, cloud applications and servers to a central repository to provide IT with search capability. This automates the discovery of data risks by proactively identifying files that may contain sensitive information (like PHI, PII, or IP) for immediate corrective action.

Monitor and Manage End-user Activity and Data Sources

Centrally manage end-user data and activity streams, without the need to scour multiple silo’ed systems. Druva enables the traceability of all activities with tamper-proof audit trails, providing the needed visibility for compliance initiatives, ensuring that information is handled appropriately by end-users and IT administrators.

Cut Time, Effort, and Cost of Legal Hold

No longer do IT teams have to physically collect devices for preservation of custodian data for IP litigation or other legal requirements. You can now avoid the loss of employee productivity and, with just a few mouse clicks, immediately preserve data within a legal hold and respond to legal department inquiries. The data is securely stored and immutable and can be easily ingested into an eDiscovery platform.

Next Steps

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“With Druva, our data collection is less reactive and more proactive, because the data is already being collected… The streamlining has been tremendous.”
Roger Huff, Manager, Information Security, Allergan PLC

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