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Data should be a business asset, not an IT headache or ransomware liability. Druva offers a fresh perspective on data resilience with a fully managed SaaS platform to protect your data wherever it lives – backed by a $10M guarantee!


Multi-Cloud Mastery: Now Securing Azure

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4.5K Customers
4B+ Backups/year
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The most mature and secure SaaS-based platform for data backup, disaster recovery, cyber resilience, and much more!
Data Protection

Simple, scalable, secure

  • Backup and restore
  • Disaster recovery
  • Archive
Cyber Resiliency

Accelerated ransomware recovery

  • Air-gapped backups
  • Incident response readiness
  • At scale recovery
Data Governance

Automated, predictive intelligence

  • Compliance monitoring
  • eDiscovery support
  • Federated search

Trusted by the world’s leading organizations

Combat cyber exposure. Recover confidently.

Out-of-the-box air-gapped backups, deep visibility into data, and strict SLAs with cloud-scale recovery

Every application.
Every location.
Every cloud.

One platform.

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Is Druva right for me?


Can I confidently recover from ransomware at scale?

Can I confidently recover from ransomware at scale?

Druva bridges the gap between security and backup by improving data observability and offering an integrated approach to faster, and more secure, ransomware recovery.


Is SaaS-based data protection right for my needs?

Is SaaS-based data protection right for my needs?

Your organization is already using the cloud for production or productivity applications. Extend the benefits of cloud to your data protection environment and further eliminate the need for hardware, software and maintenance.

pay me

How does Druva’s cost compare to other solutions?

How does Druva’s cost compare to other solutions?

Only Druva’s SaaS-based approach lowers TCO by eliminating hardware, software, and maintenance, consolidating multiple solutions, and offering consumption-based pricing.

The endgame for data resiliency

See how the next generation of SaaS-delivered platform changes the game

Radically simple

  • Zero complexity. No backup hardware, no software, no appliances. Just 100% SaaS.
  • Unified services. Manage all your applications, services, security, and reporting from a single console.
  • Automated (everything). Automate backup, disaster recovery, security and compliance for true simplicity.

Cyber secure

  • Zero-trust architecture. Protect all your data easily with access control, built-in air-gap, immutability, and encryption.
  • Centralized security reporting across all applications from a centralized console, 24/7.
  • Accelerated ransomware recovery with automated response following an attack.

Infinitely scalable

  • Automatic and on-demand resource scaling. Scale resources automatically, or on-demand.
  • Unlimited resources. Unlimited storage ready so your backups won’t fail.
  • Deployable anywhere. Cloud-native design, powered by Amazon Web Services.

SaaS efficiency

  • Optimized for advantage. Automatic updates to stay secure and protected without maintenance.
  • Consumption pricing to eliminate idle capacity and reduce costs.
  • Reduced IT overhead.  Consolidate backup silos and multiple vendors.

Resiliency guaranteed

  • Total protection. Zero compromises.
  • Coverage for 5 key data risks.
  • Data health check to ensure data is safe.

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