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Make it simple and upgrade to the cloud.

Are you due to renew your Dell EMC Avamar contract soon? Why buy more complexity with costly software and appliances, and endless updates, patches, and support?

Simplify your data protection strategy with an enterprise-scale solution delivered as-a-service that will allow you to get started within minutes.

Druva’s Phoenix, built on AWS, offers a single control plane to manage it all — backup, archival and disaster recovery (DR) — and eliminates the complexities and management hassles of disparate and non-integrated data protection solutions.

Todd Feist

“With Druva we have peace of mind — we know our data is protected and that we have the means to restore it.”

— Todd Feist, Loenbro

Why Cloud Backup is Right for Your Business


Dell EMC Avamar

Druva Phoenix

Dell EMC Avamar Data Store + Data Domain appliance or a Dell EMC purpose-built backup appliance

Time to Provision

Complexity in Managing

Global Reach
(new data centers)


On-Demand Elasticity
Requires purchasing of additional hardware capacity

Cloud-native service to allocate capacity on-demand
Scalability of Single Storage
Tiered backup architecture involving complex workflows

Seamless tiering in the cloud
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Traditional Approach vs. Druva Approach

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership by up to 60%

Protecting your data across today’s complex infrastructures can be easier and more cost-effective. Why? Because Druva Phoenix enables cloud backup, disaster recovery and archival — all from the cloud. This means:

  • No costly hardware or data centers
  • Pay only for what you store
  • Minimize data footprint with patented global deduplication
  • Auto-tier data to AWS Glacier

Be Empowered: Cloud Data Protection for Remote and Branch Offices

Druva Phoenix allows you to combine cloud scale and economics to centralize global backups across multiple sites with a direct to cloud model (WAN) or CloudCache (optional).

You’ll be fully equipped to store hot data on-premises and a master copy in the cloud (auto-tiering), which enables:

  • Central visibility
  • Radically lower TCO
  • Simplified management across remote global locations
Be Empowered: Cloud Data Protection for Remote and Branch Offices
The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Data Backup & Recovery Architectures

The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Data Backup & Recovery Architectures

There is more critical data to back up than ever before. Plus, data silos and fragmented management mean poor visibility, which can make it difficult to comply with regional data residency and security rules as well as service-level agreements (SLAs). How can your organization modernize your data protection strategy and keep up with these changes?