Customer Story

TRC engineers effective information management with Druva

About TRC Companies, Inc.

TRC Companies, Inc. is a national engineering, environmental consulting and construction management firm providing integrated services to the power, environmental, infrastructure, oil, and gas markets. With more than 120 offices in the United States and the UK, along with steady growth through mergers and acquisitions, TRC has inherited an enormous volume of legacy data and systems. As such, backup, archiving, and general information management has proven to be a key pain point for the enterprise.

The M&A Challenge
The fundamental challenge for any company conducting a merger or acquisition is how to integrate two separate businesses into a single operation. In order to be successful, careful consideration must be given to the best approach for optimizing facilities, systems, data, and people. Will IT systems be compatible? If not, how will conflicts be resolved?

Until recently, TRC had struggled to integrate the proliferation of offices, many of which did not have dedicated IT staff on-site to ensure that mission-critical server data was being backed up in a timely or effective fashion. Geographically distributed sites used a variety of different, and often incompatible, tools—as a result, data was being lost. The Chief Information Officer at TRC Companies, Inc., admits that the company’s backup infrastructure consisted of everything from “tape drives to NAS appliances and backing up off-site to USB-based hard drives.” Without a single pane of glass to provide insight into the backup process, TRC was faced with a myriad of questions, such as: “Where are we with our data? Are we backing it up, and is it secure? Who owns what and how much of it?” And then, more importantly, “What is active data versus some of the data that’s not being used?”

In order to ensure that data was being backed up reliably and archived efficiently, the company needed to completely rethink its approach to data visibility, protection, and management.

Druva Phoenix: Born in the Cloud

As TRC began the search for a comprehensive answer to its data management challenges, the company made the crucial decision that a winning solution would need to leverage the cost efficiencies and flexibility of the public cloud. The company’s rationale for this was simple: the system would need to handle not only their current operational needs, but also be capable of scaling to meet future requirements. “What we were interested in was something that was truly born in the cloud and was optimized to handle the efficiencies of cloud as an infrastructure, per se, and give us a single state of affairs to look at,”  said the CIO.

A major concern for TRC was that the new system be deployed and managed efficiently, with minimal impact on business continuity. According to the CIO, “The lowest common denominator of our revenue is the billable hour. When you look at that along with how effectively we can bring them on and how we keep them operational beyond the integration, that’s important to us.”

Druva Phoenix combines the security and global reach of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the unrivaled cost savings of global deduplication technology to offer companies a unified console for greater control over their mission-critical server data.

As for the experience of partnering with Druva, the CIO shows complete confidence in his decision. At every step of the journey, he says, “Druva experts have been committed to ensuring that TRC’s needs are paramount, asking questions such as, ‘What can we do for you outside of what we’re doing today?’ and ‘What can be done differently?’ We appreciate that.”

What we were interested in was something that was truly born in the cloud and was optimized to handle the efficiencies of cloud…”

— CIO, TRC Companies Inc.


  • Intense manual effort when integrating new company data after M&A activity
  • Constant concerns about new system compatibility and overall complexity from growing data sources
  • Lack of dedicated IT staff to manage critical server data at remote sites
  • Issues with data loss without backup consistency and reliability across geographies


  • Druva Phoenix enables TRC Companies Inc. to centrally manage backup and archiving for remote office data in the cloud

Results with Druva

  • 64.5% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Central visibility and management across 120 remote sites
  • Dramatically improved backup workflows and controls for M&A
  • Flexible, durable cloud storage, eliminating data loss
  • Cloud-native off-site scalability and security