Customer Story

Syncreon relies on Druva to deliver remote office backup and restores

About Syncreon

As a third-party logistics service provider, syncreon’s goal is to make sure products and materials are at the right place at the right time for customers located across industries and across the globe.

With more than 120 locations in 20 countries, syncreon’s operational facilities may have as few as 5 or as many as 1,000 people on site. Depending on the site’s purpose – from operational support to engineering – it may manage a few gigabytes to a terabyte or more of data. Staffing at these sites varies widely – while some locations may have several dedicated IT employees working around the clock in shifts, many sites have limited staff working a single shift – or no dedicated IT personnel at all.

Regardless of the operation’s size or purpose, one steadfast need is that data must be protected. syncreon can’t afford any downtime; their logistical data is the lifeblood of the company, and must be contractually maintained for their customers. While needs may differ from site to site, it’s critical that each office have a backup and archival plan in place. Prior to Druva Phoenix, syncreon was managing backups at each site individually, using tapes as a storage mechanism and then shipping the tapes to a main datacenter facility for storage in fireproof safes. This process was especially challenging for syncreon in locations with limited IT staffing. Even in sites with full IT staff, changing and shipping tapes is a cumbersome, manual process.

Prior to Druva Phoenix, syncreon’s process for restoring data was complicated, with many moving parts. When a restore was needed, the appropriate tape(s) was shipped to syncreon’s headquarters, where the necessary data was restored to a local machine and then transferred across the network to the remote location. Without centralized backup management, making sure backups took place as required was difficult, “A major challenge for us in some of these [remote] locations is that we don’t always have full IT staff to manage the backup process. Just making sure that backups are functioning and data can be restored requires us to go through a very time-consuming and manual audit process.” All of the different variables at each site meant that backups and restores were time and resource intensive and made the entire data protection process cumbersome.

When syncreon was looking to streamline their backup process across all of their remote offices, they had a few key considerations:

  • ENTRALIZED: All aspects of the backup and restore process, including deployment, testing, and auditing must be able to be managed from anywhere and not require IT staff at each site
  • RELIABLE: Backups must take place as scheduled within defined backup windows and data must be easily accessible when restores are needed
  • OPTIMIZED: Network impact during backup and restore processes must be negligible and not interrupt other remote office business processes

Simple, Consolidated Data Protection with Druva Phoenix

Syncreon initially tested scaling their existing datacenter backup to their remote locations, but decided it did not make strategic sense, as there were too many pieces that needed to be managed locally at each site. syncreon recognized that they needed a solution built for the branch office use case, and selected Phoenix to meet the backup needs of their remote locations.

Designed to solve the unique challenges of remote office backup, Phoenix allows syncreon’s IT staff to manage the entire backup and restore process from anywhere via a web console. Because all data moves from the source servers directly to the cloud, syncreon no longer depends on onsite personnel at each location to change tapes and manage the backup process. Additionally, as syncreon establishes new sites, they won’t continue to accrue new backup infrastructure costs. For example, a new remote location can use Phoenix to avoid the cost of both the tape drives and storage fire safes.

With Phoenix in place, syncreon can leverage benefits across all its global locations:

  • INTEGRATED management of the entire server backup and restore process across remote sites. IT can deploy Phoenix to new servers quickly and restore data directly from the cloud, freeing up time and intermediary resources
  • PRIVACY controls to enable compliance with regional data protection regulations, which is vital for organizations that must meet the different requirements of countries across the globe
  • PERFORMANCE optimized for the cloud. With data throughput speeds of up to 100Mbps and global deduplication, Phoenix transfers data efficiently with minimal network impact

Before Phoenix, syncreon relied on resource intensive processes to backup data at their remote sites. With Phoenix, which was built to handle the challenges of remote offices, syncreon is able to divert resources to other projects and simultaneously ensure that their data is protected and easily restored when necessary. According to syncreon, “[Phoenix is] simple…it’s one of the most straightforward products out there. It does what it says.”

[Phoenix is] simple…it’s one of the most straightforward products out there. It does what it says.”

— Mark Partridge, Global Infrastructure Services Director, syncreon


  • Concerns of downtime affecting customer data access
  • Cumbersome tape backup and shipping process
  • Distributed sites without central data management or local IT staff
  • Tediously manual and time-consuming audit process to verify each backup
  • Issues with complex and unreliable data restores


  • Druva Phoenix has helped syncreon manage their entire server data protection needs across all remote sites with a single solution


  • 120 locations across 20 countries now have a centrally managed reliable backup and restore process, without requiring IT staff at each site
  • A network optimized cloud-native architecture ensures remote office business processes are not interrupted
  • Custom controls enable compliance with regional data protection regulations across the globe