Customer Story

American Cancer Society selects Druva for global data management

About American Cancer Society

Established in 1913, the American Cancer Society is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. With headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, the American Cancer Society has regional and local offices throughout the country to ensure a presence in every community for funding and conducting research, sharing expert information, supporting patients, and spreading the word about prevention. The American Cancer Society’s mission is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer.

The Challenge

With thousands of employees and volunteers spread across the United States, the American Cancer Society’s IT team must constantly monitor and manage an enormous amount of data from primarily mobile endpoints to keep their organization running smoothly every day. Because most of the workforce is comprised of mobile volunteers, they needed a way to rapidly and easily provision, deprovision, back-up and restore endpoint systems for their new users, as well as do backups and restores for their existing users. The original process to restore a user’s system involved “finding the user’s previous assets, doing a lookup, retrieving the data, and copying the data over to the user’s replacement system,” says Milan Dudukovich, manager of endpoint engineering, American Cancer Society.

This manual process was becoming more and more time- consuming and unproductive.

What Milan’s team needed was a seamless and automated way to backup and restore user data on endpoints.

Druva inSync: Comprehensive Data Protection, Automated

After a thorough evaluation of various data protection products, Milan and the American Cancer Society turned to Druva inSync. “With Druva inSync, we alleviated ourselves of having to manage additional file systems or servers and the storage space. It’s all managed by Druva and AWS and once you lay down the client, it backs up to that data source, so we don’t have to worry about backups, redundancies, or failovers,” says Milan. “We also wanted the benefit of deduplication and that certainly helped us from the initial rollout. Some of our offices have lower bandwidth capabilities, so having that deduplication ability saved us around 50 percent.”

Druva inSync provides a single pane of glass for the American Cancer Society to automatically protect, preserve, and discover information across their endpoints, wherever they may be—dramatically increasing the availability and visibility of business-critical data, while reducing costs, risk, and complexity.

“We leveraged two security groups, which allows us to automatically activate Druva inSync for specific staff. The automation benefits really kicked in when we replaced
an employee asset. For example, when the employee is swapping a laptop for a newer model, we can configure Druva inSync to automatically restore the user’s data,” says Milan. “It simplifies the process for the user and for IT, and there’s really no middle person involved with getting the user’s data restored, so it helps simplify our lifecycle of the asset and the employee’s data.”

“What was most important was to have a seamless product like Druva.

If you have mobile users and the data on their systems is important to you, having an active backup solution that is location-agnostic—users can be anywhere as long as they have an internet connection, secure that data, and have access to that backed-up data—Druva works great.”
— Milan Dudukovich, Manager, Endpoint Engineering, American Cancer Society


  • Need to manage ACS staff with critical data on their endpoints in nearly every major community in the United States
  • Limited staff and resources required aggressive deduplication capabilities for storage and time savings
  • Concerns about regional controls and data lifecycle management to address compliance issues
  • Complex and lengthy data restores
  • Four-year device refresh cycle for all staff is hands-on, resource intensive and time-consuming


  • Druva inSync enables the American Cancer Society to automatically achieve complete protection and governance for their end user data

Results with Druva

  • Dedupe benefits allowed for a rapid global deployment to over 4,500 users within several months
  • Seamless endpoint restores save IT an average of 20 hours during hardware refresh periods
  • Provides data protection for thousands of geographically dispersed users with TBs of data in the cloud
  • Increased user productivity with ACS controlled access and only from designated devices
  • Distributed, scalable cloud storage ensures alignment with regional data residency policies