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Will 2016 be the Year of the Unemployed CIO?

CIOs are waking up to a new reality. Their well-thought-through data usage policies and guidelines, which were designed for an era with more controlled private corporate networks, are being undermined by the new mobile and social workforce.

Most companies are governed under the old model, focused on exchange and email. Fragmentation and decentralization of communications is now happening with social, texting, SaaS services, and devices at the edge. This has led to partial information when it comes to responding to data governance requirements. This is a risk, and companies have to change how they do business with regards to data governance.

We recently released a new Forrester study indicating that for CIOs, IT governance is no longer an option, or a project to take on when the opportunity presents itself. It’s moving to the top of the “things you’d better worry about” list (with scary consequences if one doesn’t do so).

This infographic illustrates the mounting pressure created by today’s increasingly complex information environment to repair the cracks in your governance strategy.


Read the Forrester report or learn more about how to address data governance challenges in an increasingly mobile workforce: