Life At Druva

Why I Joined Druva

Wow! Time has flown since I joined Druva a month ago. There has been a lot to learn about the company, and I would be remiss if I did not start this blog with a sincere “Thank You!” to everyone that has been so open minded and open hearted with me. So with 30 days under my belt, I think this is a great opportunity to take a moment and talk about what really drew me to Druva, and our vision for the company.


While I come from a storage industry background, what intrigued me about Druva was, and is, the strategy we are pursuing—helping the steady wave of customers adopting the public cloud maintain the protections that they enjoyed on-premises, while also taking advantage of the new features and capabilities that having data in the cloud brings. The prevalence of cloud is inescapable in the decision-making framework of the enterprise. Decisions about how everything from business processes to compliance revolve around cloud adoption, regardless if you’re a small, mid-market, or Fortune 50 company. Druva has the opportunity to redefine data protection and management for cloud customers while delivering ongoing cost-savings, and as a top three AWS partner, we can help customers take advantage of the best Amazon Web Services has to offer. These trends lead to one obvious conclusion: Druva is the future of data management.

It’s always challenging to achieve (and maintain) market leadership, but the assets, technology and team already in place at Druva leave me with no doubt this company has what it takes to succeed. For starters, Druva inSync is a robust, mature and industry-leading product, Druva’s product and engineering teams deliver reliably, and the company’s go-to-market motion is clearly working with 4,000+ customer to date. It’s an excellent foundation to continue building Druva’s growth. While products like Druva inSync are an outstanding place to start, Druva Phoenix and Druva CloudRanger offer opportunities into large and growing markets for data center and cloud-to-cloud workloads that is evolving before our eyes. I saw this coming from Veritas; market share is shifting from legacy providers to new competitors (whether it be on-prem, or cloud, like us). The truly exciting thing is that Druva has the opportunity to be THE SOLUTION for public cloud. There are hurdles to clear of course, but it’s absolutely within our grasp.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the company culture here is outstanding. There is a tremendous team here at Druva and it is so much fun to come to a company like this and see the commitment level of the folks that work here. The team is smart, driven, and developing technology available nowhere else.

I’m looking forward to helping Druva grow the team, as we continue to deliver, learn, and ultimately drive the cloud revolution!