We are Paid to Backup not Restore

“We are paid to Backup not Restore … “, this was the company slogan at my last job.

And the team really followed it well, seriously. Look at the existing backup solutions, they have tons of options for backup and most of these options are derived for pre-historic tape-based backups. In fact most of the solutions confuse backup with archival. Take a look at following backups options –

  1. Backup Rule Engines
  2. Complicated Scheduling and archival times
  3. Naming a backup or scheme or snapshots

But, there are hardly any options for restore 😕 , besides they hardly even work 🙁

I guess restores can be made much better, with options like –

  1. Self-serve, web based restore.
  2. Give and option to restore just a part of backup.
  3. Search a file in Restore.
  4. Restore based on Timeline. ( Choose a date and restore based on that date. )
  5. Support compression for faster restores (just like backups).

With Druvaa inSync we tried to address most these issues. Now with upcoming 2.0 we plan to add file-searching and time-line based restores.