VMWorld Announcements Reaffirm SaaS is the Wave of the Future

When you consider the fact that VMware is an entire company built around infrastructure, it may come as quite a surprise to see them validating a SaaS approach with their announcement this week. VMware announced vRealize Operations, a SaaS version of the existing vRealize Operations product. But further examination shows it makes perfect sense.

The SaaS approach is ideal for operations that do not require constant compute resources. Data protection is a perfect example of that, as backups tend to run at night, and most days go by without any restore requests.  It’s perfect for a SaaS operation, as it doesn’t make sense to buy or rent resources you only use a few hours a day.

vRealize Operations Delivers self-driving IT operations management from apps to infrastructure to optimize, plan and scale hybrid cloud and HCI deployments while unifying multi-cloud monitoring. Powered by AI/ML, it helps IT run production operations hands-off and hassle-free with a unified operations platform, delivering continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity management, proactive planning, intelligent remediation and integrated compliance.” 

Both Druva data protection and VMWare VRealize Operations are similar use cases for SaaS, as performance and capacity management are the kind of things you do occasionally, not something that needs to be done 24×7. In fact, one could probably go days without any action and create no ill effects except for a slight reduction in performance or increased cost due to misallocation of resources. And yet, occasionally looking at your virtualization environment for areas of improvement brings immense value.

The way to “have your cake and eat it too” is to use a service that performs the function when you need it, but consumes no resources or cost when you don’t.  In addition, it would help if the software doing the analysis was constantly updated to the latest version — without you having to manage that process.

These are the essential ideas behind the concept of SaaS. Use a service when it is needed, and always have access to the latest version of the software. Because a service that only consumes resources when it is in use and requires minimal resources when it’s not is far more efficient and reduces your costs.

As Druva sees competing data protection vendors moving into the SaaS data protection space, it’s good to see one of our major partners validating our approach by offering their own SaaS offering. It is clear that the optimal approach to data protection is via the cloud and that SaaS is the future.

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