Using data protection to fuel compliance monitoring

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) make it clear that organizations must evolve their IT data practices from storing and protecting data to complete data management. It’s critical that organizations understand what data they have stored on all of their systems, including endpoints. As data continues to grow rapidly and is dispersed throughout endpoints and SaaS applications, organizations need a central, compliance monitoring solution that will provide full visibility into all data.

Druva, the leader in cloud data protection, simplifies data management and compliance monitoring by offering a single data monitoring dashboard for all of your data. Our solution enables real-time monitoring of all users, policies, and file types for potential non-compliance. Let’s explore further into data management, the challenges of ensuring data management, and how a cloud solution like Druva enables compliance monitoring through data management and protection.

What is data management?

Almost every backup vendor on the market also claims to provide data management. However, copying data from point A to point B, while valuable, is not data management. Other vendors use the term data management to mean moving old data to less expensive storage, also known as an archive. Data management is much more than an archive. Regulations like GDPR and CCPA say almost nothing about managing data to save money. Instead, they focus on data protection, retention, location, and access — all of which require a much more robust use of metadata.

Data management is all about metadata

Metadata is the data about data. It includes information like date created, date modified, and date accessed. A data management solution can enrich this metadata to store information like date last protected, location of protected data, original file location, and the number of versions of the file. Some SaaS applications, like Druva, can go a step further and automatically perform full-text indexing to speed up eDiscovery — the process of pulling all files and data relevant to a legal case — and improve compliance monitoring.

Using data protection to fuel data management

One of the challenges with data management is how to capture all the metadata the process requires. The difficulty of metadata capture is potentially the primary reason why so few companies manage their data. A standalone data management application has to manually scan all the data in the data center to provide insight into that data. Manual scans of file systems are time-consuming — taking hours or days to complete. They are also intrusive, impacting other potential or ongoing operations.

A better candidate to capture the information needed for eDiscovery and compliance is data protection. Data protection, for efficiency, almost always has a better method for capturing data and monitoring that data for change. The problem is that most data protection solutions don’t take the next step and create the rich metadata that the eDiscovery and compliance processes need. The cost to build out an infrastructure of servers and storage required to store and maintain this metadata makes most solutions more expensive than customers can stand.

How does Druva ensure compliance monitoring?

At Druva, we leverage the cloud to provide a rich metadata index and enable organizations to better comply with data regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Druva gives organizations confidence towards compliance monitoring by capturing all data, enhancing its metadata, and storing it as a single source of truth. Organizations can leverage our rich metadata index to provide capabilities, like legal hold management and eDiscovery, to centrally manage and preserve data across the organization, ensuring data immutability, and minimizing the risk of data spoliation. Druva also offers a complete chain of custody reporting by fingerprinting data to meet defensibility requirements.

Collection and retention, however, is only half of the compliance battle. If IT cannot find data when it needs it most, then there is little value in saving it. Druva’s federated, full-text, and metadata search enables fast identification of information across all users, devices, and storage locations. In addition, Druva provides the ability to cull data by date range and file types, and access deleted files to hone in on relevant data for review, analysis, and processing.

With Druva, you can meet all of your regulatory and compliance monitoring needs. Organizations often ignore eDiscovery and compliance not because they don’t think they apply, but because they believe these processes are incredibly challenging to implement and maintain. Incorporating these processes through a  backup and recovery solution like Druva makes it much easier for the organization to afford, implement, and care for the long term.

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