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UMBRAGROUP’s data protection infrastructure solution facilitates compliance with Department of Defense regulations

What was the last professional (or personal) lesson you learned? We all know that lessons learned are invaluable — hard as they may be. Lessons learned can stem from great or not so great experiences and lead to an individual or a team, in the future, providing recommendations on what to do and how to avoid potholes.

For senior IT leadership positions, those lessons learned can include things like how to reduce your technical debt, best practices for improving workforce productivity, justifying your cloud strategy, how to demonstrate great success from challenging events, etc.

When IT leaders experience challenging times, like being hit by ransomware, and they had previously implemented technology that helped the business recover from the incident in rapid time, those leaders tend to take those technologies with them as they progress in their careers. Those technologies can become your lessons learned and best practices and help you advance your career.

How a new employer benefited from the IT director’s ransomware lessons learned

When UMBRAGROUP’s Director of IT, Joe Sheridan, came to the company he brought a big data protection infrastructure lesson learned — how to recover from ransomware. At his previous company, Joe experienced not one, but two ransomware attacks, that, thanks to Druva, he was able to recover from in a couple of hours.

Joe knows first hand the value of ransomware protection for endpoints, software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, and data center workloads like physical and virtual machines (VMs). When he arrived at UMBRAGROUP and was tasked with refining its technology strategy at its two US locations, which included migration from a legacy to a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, he also found that the company’s use of Veritas Backup Exec for 40-60 physical servers and VMs put it at risk of data loss and meeting critical US Department of Defense (DoD) security regulations.

Because Joe had used Druva at his previous company, he decided to show his team how its cloud-native data protection solution, Druva Phoenix, would help UMBRAGROUP’s two US subsidiaries — Umbra Cuscinetti and Linear Motion — to modernize its data protection infrastructure.

Out with Veritas Backup Exec and in with Druva Phoenix

Druva Phoenix enables UMBRAGROUP’s two US subsidiaries, Umbra Cuscinetti and Linear Motion, to protect, recover 40-60 VMs and physical servers at multiple locations, archive backups for long-term data retention, and manage all operations from a central control plane. In addition, Joe’s team can restore VMs at multiple levels: full, file-level, and individual virtual disk.

“Druva delivers a unified approach to backing up our data, allowing us to use the same standards at each location, which is imperative to our IT efficiency and business model,” said Joe.

Next steps

Read the UMBRAGROUP case study to learn more about how Druva Phoenix provides it with ransomware protection (which is increasing during COVID-19), 100% visibility into backups for 40-60 VMs and physical servers, and helps it reduce time spent managing backups by 85%.

“Druva delivers a unified approach to backing up our data, allowing us to use the same standards at each location, which is imperative to our IT efficiency and business model. And, thanks to Druva, I was able to dedicate a couple of my team members to manage the ERP migration at both locations, which helped us accomplish that strategic cloud milestone,” said Joe.