The whiteboard series: Druva’s defense-in-depth data protection for cyber resilience

Druva delivers SaaS data protection solutions to secure and manage backup data across data center, cloud, and endpoint workloads. This enables organizations to leave behind cost and complexity by accelerating and protecting their key cloud projects. Druva is highlighting the capabilities of our proven cloud platform in the ongoing whiteboard series of blogs. In the first of the series, we took a look at how Druva simplifies the management of Oracle workloads, prevents data loss, and provides visibility, control, and automation to Oracle data protection. In the following blog, we explored how Druva increases cyber resilience, empowering organizations to remain compliant with simple and reliable failover for AWS cloud workloads, which reduces RPO/RTO and automates disaster recovery. 

Ransomware is a growing threat with ransom demands increasing and attacks becoming more frequent. In this edition of the series, we’ll build on the cyber resilience theme and examine why a strong backup solution is still the best defense against ransomware. It’s critical to pick a ransomware protection solution that keeps backup data safe from deletion and enables a quick recovery — making Druva an ideal choice. Its multi-layered defense in-depth, air-gapped architecture for cyber resilience enables organizations to detect, mitigate, respond, and recover quicker from ransomware. 

Learn more about Druva’s enterprise cyber resilience solution in the video below, and stay tuned for more to come from our whiteboard series.