Tech Field Day Livestream: Join Us At The Inaugural Cloud Field Day!

We’re excited to participate this week in Tech Field Day’s inaugural Cloud Field Day event. Druva participated in its first Tech Field Day back in 2011 and we’re excited to join the conversation now to focus on the new datacenter stack – the cloud.

Cloud Field Day 1

As a native cloud company, we were among the first to offer our customers the ability to bring their server and endpoint workloads into the public cloud. With our cloud-oriented architecture, we’ve been able to leverage the cloud’s elasticity at every step along the way. For our customers, this means an experience without any of the performance bottlenecks, scalability limits, or management challenges that can come with using an on-premise product that’s been retrofitted for the cloud.

Join us on Wednesday, September 14th at 4pm PT when we share with the Cloud Field Day attendees why the Druva philosophy has always been cloud-first. Learn what makes our technology unique and see demos of products trusted by over 4,000 enterprise customers. Watch the livestream and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #CFD1.