Tame the data giant now with Druva

The sheer amount of data your company generates is overwhelming and you are responsible for protecting it and ensuring compliance. Your job has become increasingly complex as data gets strewn across data centers, smart devices, cloud apps, and cloud providers.

In a recent 451 Research report, IT managers and administrators identified their top three backup pain points: a) data growth, b) managing backup hardware and software, and c) being unable to backup data in the allotted backup window. These professionals took it one step further by indicating that they are more than willing to throw out their current data protection model for something new.1

Meet data protection for the cloud era.

Druva solves these data protection challenges with a SaaS-based solution that eliminates any dependence on hardware and software, which in turn reduces your data center footprint and costs. No matter where your data resides, Druva harmonizes it into a single archive and then lets IT teams manage it from a unified console to keep you in control.

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Druva delivers high-performance data protection. Customers are performing full backups of 60 gigabytes and a small application in about 8 minutes.2 With no hardware or software to manage, customers are achieving up to 60% in cost savings.3 Resources scale automatically making Druva perfect for customers protecting a few terabytes up to tens of petabytes.

SaaS may be good for productivity and collaboration apps, but what about data protection? In a recent Druva webcast to the VMware User Group (VMUG), one of our poll questions asked, “Would you consider a SaaS-based solution for data protection?” More than 70 percent of the respondents said yes! That’s a clear indication that the cost and pain of legacy solutions are simply too high.

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2 Customer study: RelyOnNutec
3 Customer study: Northgate Markets