Takeaways from VMworld 2019

It was another exciting year at VMworld 2019, as the show returned to San Francisco. There were many announcements at the show, but there were three that should stand out to those interested in all things data protection.

VMware full support for containers and Kubernetes 

The biggest announcement of the show was VMware’s full support for containers and Kubernetes via their acquisition of Pivotal. The general feeling that I got talking to the influencers was that this is a significantly better offering than a few years ago when they talked about containers on top of VMs.

The immediate question for those in the data protection space is whether or not containers need to be backed up and exactly how it should be done. The answer to that is not as simple as you might think. Since containers always use an external data source, the first thought is that we simply need to understand what storage a given container is using and make sure that storage is being backed up. It gets a little more complicated when we start talking about things like my SQL running inside a container. I’ve simplified this quite a bit for purposes here, but this is a topic quickly gaining steam and I will be covering it in more detail in the coming months. Stay tuned.

One interesting thought is what VMware’s Kit Colbert, Vice President and CTO of Cloud Platform Business Unit said on theCube,  with our CEO, Jaspreet Singh. He mentioned that data protection companies like Druva, that have programmed to the VMware APIs, will be able to leverage those same APIs as VMware moves forward with Kubernetes. This is something I will be following with interest.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC 

Another big announcement was the full release of VMware Cloud on Dell EMC. Customers who want to have a vSphere implementation on premises but don’t want to actually purchase the hardware or software to do so can now simply obtain both as a service via VMware Cloud on Dell EMC. Of course, Druva customers will be able to easily protect such an environment on Day 1 because we already support VMware Cloud and vSphere natively.

Druva on VMware Cloud Marketplace

Lastly, one other announcement interesting to those who follow Druva is that we are the first SaaS data protection product to be listed on the new VMware Cloud Marketplace. It’s early days still, but this announcement demonstrates our commitment to making it super easy for customers to obtain our service. Companies who do not currently use Druva Phoenix will be able to easily obtain it via the VMware cloud marketplace – as easily as customers deploy Druva CloudRanger on the AWS Marketplace today.

My final thoughts have to do with the excitement I saw around our booth and what Druva is doing in the cloud. A few years ago the excitement seemed to be around on-premises hardware-based solutions, but with the advent of VMware Cloud on AWS, Kubernetes on VMware, and our service being offered in the VMware Cloud Marketplace, there seem to be a strong feeling that Druva’s cloud-native and cloud-first approach is being validated by all the vendors around us.