Stop rolling the dice on disaster recovery

Disasters happen, and if your business is not prepared, statistics tell us that 6 out of 10 businesses never recover1. Since the beginning of data centers, disaster recovery meant building a second data center or using a co-location site — options that were affordable only to the largest of Fortune 100 companies. It was not unusual for the remaining organizations to “roll the dice” and hope that downtime happens to the “other guy.”

Since the early 2000s, data centers have changed from physical to more virtual environments helping organizations achieve greater flexibility and agility. Virtualized data centers need disaster recovery more than ever because there’s now more to protect. But sadly, it seems that only the largest of organizations can still afford redundant data centers or co-location facilities.

In today’s dramatic world, disasters happen more frequently and are no longer limited to acts of nature. Today, 70% of all downtime is caused by human error2 which means it’s riskier to run without a disaster recovery solution. Druva solves this problem by making disaster recovery affordable for any size organization.

Utilizing the cloud, Druva has modernized data backup and disaster recovery while providing any organization with an air-gapped approach for immutable backups that protect your business from malicious attacks. Join our webinar on March 24th with VMware and Druva to learn how:

  • VMware has modernized the hybrid cloud by delivering consistent infrastructure and operations
  • Druva’s disaster recovery-as-a-service fails over and recovers data in approximately 15 minutes with immediate data access as soon as VMs are operational
  • Druva automates DR testing with a pre-check routine that verifies the failover process

No business is immune to downtime. Learn how Druva makes disaster recovery affordable by eliminating dedicated hardware and software and leveraging the cloud.

1Forrester, 2017
2Data Center Knowledge