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Six things customers love about inSync & three things they don’t

As I mentioned in the last post, Druvaa acquired some great customers across 12 different countries. A large majority of the new customers are large enterprises from Technology and Finance verticals. The smallest deal size was about 20 licenses and largest about 10,000 licenses.

As a company policy we don’t engage in traditional enterprise selling, instead just help the interested customers buy mainly through the website. With this model, its even more important for to know what the customer likes and dislikes about the product.

I tried to reach almost all major customers to see why they purchased inSync and some others on why they did not. In this post I have tried to summarize the response I received.

Six things the customers really love about the product –

  1. Usability and ease of use – Especially the quick 20 minutes setup time for inSync v3 was very much appreciated
  2. Data deduplication and time savings – On an average the customers are seeing 1:15 storage and bandwidth savings compared to traditional softwares.
  3. WAN performance – Most of the customers are backing up mobile workforce easily and enjoying this feature.
  4. Search based restore – Search is used by almost 100% of the users and absolutely loved by all. This is  something truly unique with inSync.
  5. Granular user policy control – Control over bandwidth, folders and restore policies is appreciated by all.
  6. Invisible backups – Smaller, smarter backup and specially the flexible scheduling is liked by all.

One of the fast emerging hot favorite feature is Bare Metal Restore, but I believe it may take some more time for this feature to get adopted properly.

Three things the customers or prospects would like to see improve –

  1. Mac Client – We do have Linux and Windows client, and all I can say is that Mac client is on its way 🙂
  2. Price – In the current economic scenario, unfortunately pricing is a major issue. This is probably a reason we saw sharp rise in sales when we offered the online introductory discount on v3. We do plan to release a low cost offering for inSync in near future
  3. Performance for large backup/restore- With the new release there are a few performance issues for non-compressible data especially over the Gigabit network. This is expected to be taken care of with next release.

With the new v3 release now production ready, in the next few posts I would like to outline the product roadmap and whats happening with the new product – Druvaa Pheonix.