Security Is a Corporate Posture

Are you confident in your own technology? We are all quick to answer “yes,” but what about your corporate culture? Is security embedded in your company’s values and thinking? It’s worth taking a deeper look at your approach to security – challenge your own point of view, leverage external perspectives and talk through questions you may have previously dismissed. Information security is of increasing importance not only to all industries but the nation, and recent breaches have shown that security is all about the weakest link. Alternatively, comprehensive security can also be an opportunity to build a long-term competitive advantage so it’s important to get it right.

As founder and CEO Jaspreet Singh recently outlined in <DarkReading, there are several critical elements to consider when thinking about corporate security posture:

  • Traditional security review questions around encryption, penetration testing, compliance, etc. can sometimes be rudimentary. What are the tough questions you don’t want to think about or go beyond the norm to uncover something that can benefit your business?  
  • Security is not confined to your product. Designing a secure, stable product is important, but users are the key to security. Your organizational values and corporate culture are critical to a strengthened security posture.

Read more in Jaspreet’s article on DarkReading and review our guide –  Insider’s Guide to Minimizing the Impact of Ransomware – to ensure you’re helping  protect your business.