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Say Hello to Blackbird!

With inSync v4.0 going live last week, Druva showcased the new Blackbird storage engine which introduces a new concept called – “Application Aware Data Deduplication”. This new engine although currently only available in inSync, will form the core of all future product offerings.

The idea of “app-aware deduplication” emerged from the fact that complex applications like MS Outlook or Exchange need much more intelligent deduplicate removal than simple block based approach.

Each data block in PST is of fixed size and usually contains a header and a footer (ref: libpst ) which makes it impossible for simple dedupe approaches to identify block boundaries and hence restricting deduplication accuracy to just 30-40%.

Application aware data deduplication depends upon APIs exposed by the application to understand the construct of on-disk data and deduplicate at the logical-block or message level. This guarantees 100% deduplication accuracy and faster processing of data.

Another interesting change is shift from PostgreSQL database to no-SQL Oracle embedded database. This small (less than 1MB in size) embedded database removes the heavy “SQL” and networking layer between the server and database, hence greatly improving performance and scalability. The new engine can now support 16TB of dedupe data and about 200 parallel backups.

In a nutshell, the Blackbird engine will have the following features –

  1. App-Aware deduplication
  2. Light-weight and highly scalable
  3. Simple to install and zero-maintenance
  4. Near-CDP – timeline/event based near-continuous backups
  5. Search enabled restores
  6. Replication (to be showcased soon 🙂

InSync v4.0 InSync v4 is definitely a new benchmark for laptop backup. I am extremely confident that if anyone tries this solution will never buy anything else for laptop backup. With new storage, redesigned WAN Optimization and dashboard, its clearly leaps and bounds ahead of what’s available in the market.

More about new features – Download inSync v4 –