Sales Meetings and My iPad

Sales Meetings and My iPad

Yesterday I got a ping from a PC magazine editor asking about my tablet usage and how I see the adoption in the enterprise. This was actually great timing (my brother had given me a gift of an iPad 2 almost the same week it was released).

I’ve been travelling pretty heavily over the last 2 months, and had an opportunity to meet and learn from a lot of customers. The best companion during this travel has been my iPad. Here’s my small list of productivity apps/accessories which I use the most:

  • inSync iPad app – lets me access all files and all the versions backed up from my laptop
  • Smart cover – makes typing emails simple
  • Kindle app – Bought 2 books: The idea book & The upside of irrationality
  • iPad VGA adapter – allows me to present directly from my iPad
  • Evernote – for taking meeting notes

I’m currently a happy beta tester of the new version of the inSync app for iPad which allows offline access of folders marked as “favorites”, and this was an absolute life saver when I was travelling in Europe and didn’t want to pay heavy roaming charges :)

I see tablets as great access devices, which in my opinion would affect two markets the most: desktop and printer. Although I am still adjusting to carrying 1 extra device, but IMO the laptop may soon become more of an in-office/limited-mobility device.

Jaspreet Singh

Jaspreet bootstrapped the company while defining the product, sales and marketing strategies that have resulted in Druva's early and impressive success. Prior to founding Druva, Jaspreet was a member of the storage foundation group at Veritas.