Revolutionize your data privacy and compliance management with Druva Labs

Druva Labs is Druva’s in-house innovation team focusing on next-generation initiatives — envisioning seamless data protection and beyond, exploring new technology, and building inventive solutions to help customers get the most value from their data. By pushing the envelope on new technologies and striving to meet customer needs, the team envisions seamless data protection and management for today and the future. 

The Druva Labs team continuously works to leverage the latest and greatest industry developments — such as data analytics, AI/ML, cloud technologies, data management, and more — to expand Druva’s proven product portfolio. One such initiative helps customers streamline GDPR privacy and compliance requests through automation using their backup data.

Automating privacy and compliance requests

To maintain compliance with today’s many complicated and far-reaching regulations, organizations often find themselves spending thousands of dollars and needing weeks to respond to a single subject rights request. Data managers painstakingly collect data from across sources and teams within the organization. Often, this involves manually sieving through Gigabytes of unstructured data to classify personal information (PII), and respond to subject requests. Personal data includes not only social security or credit card numbers, but any identifying information such as medical history or even work performance — further complicating the process. Upon gathering this data, privacy managers review and redact before disclosing to requesters. 

A complicated, expensive, time-consuming, and non-scalable process, Druva Labs has developed an innovative solution to expedite and simplify compliance requests. The solution automates personal data identification and processing, enabling organizations to visualize and execute data subject requests and support regulatory compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and more. Druva’s AI-powered data enrichment is context-aware and can classify relevant data from GBs or even TBs of unstructured data — such as emails or files. 

As a result, customers receive the following key benefits:

  • Drastically reduce time to response — Enable general counsels, compliance and privacy managers, and data protection officers to easily collect, review, and use relevant data to fulfill subject requests. Eliminate your dependency on IT teams.
  • Automate data identification — GDPR’s “personal data” definition is broad and includes any information about a person, not just PII that resides in structured data. Automate the identification of relevant data.
  • Fulfill complex subject requests with ease — No need to manually analyze thousands of emails and messages. Data is enriched with AI/ML and proprietary indexing to easily retrieve relevant information on the subject.

See for yourself: Watch the new demo

Walk through how Druva’s data privacy and compliance initiative works to solve a complex employee subject access request. Watch the video below for a step-by-step demonstration of the process.