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RelyOn Nutec: Solving global remote office data protection challenges

As companies grow and expand into the global economy, the challenge of managing data and data protection across geographically remote office locations becomes a huge challenge for their IT teams. Before cloud storage became ubiquitous, content tended to be stored in local file servers for performance reasons, leading to duplicate content across remote office locations. This data was costly to store, difficult to keep current and just as costly to backup and recover.

Improving the cost and efficiency of storing and protecting the remote office data was a top priority for Druva customer, RelyOn Nutec. RelyOn Nutec is a Copenhagen based company that provides safety and survival training and services for organizations in oil and gas, maritime, and wind and industrial. It was recently spun out of parent company Falck Safety Services, which evolved from a Danish fire training provider founded in 1968 to meet the demand for better safety and survival training in Northern Europe.

One of the challenges RelyOn Nutec IT faced when they were part of the parent company was having a tremendous amount of duplicate training content across disparate geographic locations, which was expensive to store and protect, and, at times, challenging to restore lost or damaged data across remote office sites. When users moved between remote office locations, say from Copehagan to Malaysia, it was time consuming and expensive to migrate their data.

When RelyOn Nutec was formed, its leaders decided to embrace new technologies to drive its industry to new levels of effectiveness. RelyOn Nutec IT saw the opportunity to build a completely new and modern infrastructure leveraging SaaS and cloud. They made a conscious decision to move away from Falck’s legacy backup solution, Veritas NetBackup, which was expensive to maintain, and looked for a SaaS based data protection solution for remote office backup. The ideal technology would help them eliminate network issues when they were transfering data and users across geographic locations and align with their AWS strategy, which was essentially to move as much data into the cloud as possible.

Gavin Bell, Global IT Project Manager at RelyOn Nutec and his team were introduced to a 100% SaaS data protection solution built on AWS – Druva – by partner Softcat. “We did a pilot with Druva and our lean team was able to quickly get it up and running. The fact that Druva sits within AWS was the main reason we implemented it, as all of our local Windows file server data at each site is replicated to Amazon,” said Gavin.

With Druva, RelyOn Nutec has a fast cloud-native remote office backup solution that facilitates employee mobility and disaster recovery. Read the new case study to learn how RelyOn Nutec is achieving 62X deduplication, enabling them to backup 40% more servers than originally planned, and saving 30 hours per month in administrative time compared to Veritas NetBackup.

“I’ve done a full backup of a Windows server with about 60 gigabytes of data and a small application installed on it. The backup took about eight minutes, which was astounding. I don’t think you can get any better than that to be honest.” Gavin Bell, global IT project manager

Read the full case study here.