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Reaching New Heights: Druva Expansion

A few weeks ago, we had an amazing event to open our new office in Pune, India. It was an exciting day for the entire Druva team, as it marked a significant milestone for our growth, as we continue to build a diverse family. This new space will remain the hub for our engineering talent pool and focus on product development, and will support us as we reach for our target goal of 1,000 employees in the region.

ribbon cutting ceremony

Ribbon cutting ceremony

We celebrated the new office opening with a gathering of some of the most tenured employees of Druva coming together to cut the ribbon. Continuing the celebration, some of our members including Milind, Jaspreet, Prem, Sunil, Anand, James, and Mahesh led a Lamp Lighting ceremony, beginning the inauguration.

lamp lighting ceremony

Lamp Lighting ceremony

Following the inauguration, Jaspreet welcomed all employees and hosted an all hands meeting featuring speakers Milind, Prem, James, Sunil, and Mahesh, who discussed the road map to future and Druva’s core values. To cap off the event, the team and all attendees enjoyed dinner and drinks.

With a total of 250 attendees, the new office opening in Pune, India was marked as a success. It was a meaningful and impactful day for Druva employees, as this space will provide support for continued growth, signaling a commitment to the region.

Dinner and drunks with attendees

Dinner and drinks with all attendees

To learn more about our new office, visit our latest press release.