Ransomware is Making Millions By Taking Your Data Hostage – It’s Time to Reimagine Cyber Resilience

There’s no denying the threat of ransomware is imminent and it no longer affects just a few select organizations. Let’s call it what it is — we are in the middle of a ransomware epidemic.

Just in the last few months alone, ransomware shut down a critical gas pipeline and halted the operations of up to 60 managed services providers and 1,500 organizations in the largest cyberattack in history. Adding to the complexity, ransom demands are soaring, now averaging more than $240,000, according to a new survey from IDC.¹ So far, 2021 boasts both the highest ransom demands and payouts in history. 

As high-profile attacks run rampant, we can expect similar attacks to persist for one simple reason: they work. This unfortunate truth underscores the severity of the situation at hand and foreshadows the danger that is yet to come if not tackled.

There won’t ever be one silver bullet to fight ransomware, but the right technologies and defense-in-depth strategy can help you take back control to respond quickly, definitively, and effectively against relentless attacks. As more organizations adopt a multi-cloud strategy, a robust data protection framework, specifically one built in the cloud, can go a long way to improving your security posture. Not only can it provide a holistic view of data across all workloads and environments – it brings all of the advantages of cloud to your business: a natural air-gap, automatic patching, and innovations, AI and machine learning capabilities at a scale unmatchable by traditional hardware and software. 

These backup solutions talk about ransomware protection and Zero Trust, but let’s be honest, this is table stakes. The reality is your business deserves something designed to meet this moment, and other solutions continue to fall short, lacking the orchestration, automation, and security to thwart today’s sophisticated attacks. 

Unveiling the Druva Cyber Resilience Virtual Summit 

It’s time to take a hard look at reimagining cyber resilience, and at the Cyber Resilience Virtual Summit we will focus on steps every organization can take today to stem the rising tide of ransomware. Set to take place on October 13 at 10AM PT, it will feature a world-class list of speakers from Dell Technologies, Gartner, Inc., Palo Alto Networks, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and more. On October 14, it will be streamed in EMEA and APAC respectively at 11:30AM BST and SGT. 

Druva’s premiere event will offer IT leaders real-world case studies and actionable insights on how to fight back against these criminals, and will discuss the growing role of data protection in combating ransomware. The summit will also provide attendees with exclusive access to in-depth demos of Druva’s latest innovations and industry-first capabilities designed to help organizations recover faster with confidence, agility, and speed. 

This 100-minute event is not one to miss. Sign-up now, and see you there.


¹IDC, “IDC’s 2021 Ransomware Study: Where You Are Matters!,” Doc # US48093721, Frank Dickson, Christopher Kissel. Published Jul 2021.