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Q&A: Protecting the Collaborative Environment on Any Mobile Device

This is the last of a four-part blog series discussing thought leadership around key trends and challenges of data protection in the mobile workforce — and the reasons why Druva and Wipro have formed a lasting partnership. For a recap, check out our previous blog in the series.

In this final blog of the series, Wipro’s Michael Vollmer, General Manager, Apple Practice, and Druva’s Timm Hoyt, Global VP, Partners and Alliances, discuss how Wipro LiVE Workspace and Druva inSync deliver a collaborative environment with full data protection, governance, and insight — on Apple devices and virtually all other endpoints.

Q: What made inSync the answer for LiVE Workspace?

Michael Vollmer: There were many reasons, but the most important for us was that Druva is a true enterprise-class solution; they’re proven with thousands of enterprise customers. And it’s not just for endpoints, but for all the data that’s sitting across the enterprise, all its servers and data centers.

Timm Hoyt: LiVE Workspace gives users access to all of their enterprise apps and these days, data protection and cloud backup are essential to any enterprise product suite.

Michael Vollmer: Another important feature is that inSync has governance and compliance that’s missing from other offerings. Some have backup, some have backup plus compliance, but Druva brings comprehensive, end-to-end capabilities.

Q: How important is Druva’s cloud-first expertise?

Timm Hoyt: We recognize that the entire business-process market is well on its way to the cloud, that’s where the market is moving, that’s where the enterprise data is. Our platform is a simple, scalable approach that gives enterprises real control of their most critical data, and it’s all as-a-service.

Michael Vollmer: The fact that Druva is truly a cloud-native approach is a considerable plus for our customers.

Q: What about the user experience?

Michael Vollmer: In Wipro’s view, UX is critically important. The workforce has changed, employees want the consumer experience, with self-service capability. An app installs, it works, and you forget about it. It’s there when you need it and it works when you need it.

Timm Hoyt: I think that adding support for Apple devices clearly shows Wipro’s commitment to a great user experience. A huge proportion of the workforce uses Apple devices for their personal apps, and there’s no reason not to give them the same ease-of-use with their enterprise apps.

Q: Any last thoughts?

Michael Vollmer: Especially in the world of GDPR that we live in today, data backup, governance, and compliance are hypercritical for CIOs, security is a top concern. Putting LiVE Workspace together with Druva is a very strong response.

Timm Hoyt: One of the biggest challenges we see for the IT person is that whenever there’s a break/fix or a new machine comes online, how do you migrate existing data? This Wipro-Druva solution makes it easy for IT and also the user. Another thing is that everyone accidentally deletes content. Our self-service lets end users do restores, which means higher productivity both for the worker and for the IT group, who can focus on other challenges.

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