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Q&A: How the National Cancer Institute Prevents Data Loss with Druva

NCI is the federal government’s primary agency addressing cancer research and treatment. Jeff Shilling, CIO at NCI and his IT group of nearly 300 manage an extraordinary volume of data, from genomics and imaging to administrative records, on a variety of platforms. In this Q&A, Jeff discusses how Druva provided backup/restore and archiving for all NCI endpoints with full FedRAMP compliance.

Q: What types of data protection challenges did you face at NCI?

JS: I think a lot of agencies have a double standard with their onsite and mobile infrastructure. When people are connected in the office, backups are functional. But when they’re on the road, nothing is automatically archiving content, and that’s the situation we had at NCI.

Q: Any other issues?

JS: We had intolerable data losses from hardware failure, and restoring data from a dead drive can be very expensive.

Q: What led you to Druva?

JS: We are committed to a cloud-first strategy, and Druva was an AWS Government Competency Partner, so we knew its solutions would be specifically tailored for compliance, security, and governance regulations. Another factor was Druva’s dedicated federal team. The Druva platform aligned with our goals for digital transformation, and it was an affordable solution.

Q: What’s another feature that benefitted NCI?

JS: Device refreshes, for sure. Every year we refresh 3,000 devices, and all the non-app/OS data content is critical. With Druva, it’s already uploaded and archived, so restoring a new device is much, much faster. Our staff cannot function without their data, they need a computer to meet their NCI duties. Now even break/fixes efforts are processed quickly.

Q: Any surprises?

JS: I was surprised staff would take advantage of the self-service restore capabilities as much as they do. Also, we are able to fulfill Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests much more effectively. Maybe the biggest thing, strategically, was how it helped us understand the real potential of cloud technology.

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